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Stop The Parent Clones

Give your children freedom
Bequeath them autonomy
Encourage them to be themselves
And not a mini-me

For a parents job is not there to
Manipulate the mind
More so help children forge their own
Identity in kind

To help them grow their own ideas
Speak words that they alone
Have crafted independently
Not as a parent clone

And then our children will achieve
A sense of who THEY are
People in their own right who shine
Light from their own blessed star

Comments on: "Stop The Parent Clones" (2)

  1. I did this with my daughter. She’s since told me that I gave her too much freedom and she missed having restrictions. She thought I didn’t care! I guess it’s a fine line – either that or you can’t win either way. We have a great relationship now and, ironically, she is very much a mini me!

    • My Fab4 have said the same Jane but they don’t remember the behaviour shaping that went on when they were little so that they were able and capable of having that freedom when they could remember. That said though I don’t think this is a matter of not having boundaries more so freedom in terms of supporting children to come up with their own ideas, to explore with them, to encourage them to find their own voice within safe parameters. Inevitably our children may reflect our values and standards partly because they have been conditioned to and partly because of the representIons they have made but how great is it when they own those values over having them inflicted on them 🙂

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