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STE(A)M (Haiku)

Where STEM becomes STEAM
Pushing back the frontiers of
Science artfully


STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) is a buzz word in education which sadly excludes the Arts and will no doubt go down as one of the biggest mistakes of our time as future generations are not afforded the opportunity at school to embrace their creativity with open mindedness, seeking out the answers to some of the biggest questions we face or develop the capacity to think outside the box. For Art is all this and more and should be on the same page as the STEM subjects to enable the driving force that is STEAM.  To this end, this little haiku is dedicated to this.


Comments on: "STE(A)M (Haiku)" (5)

  1. I LOVE this post and heartily concur 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on Jane's Musing and commented:
    Ginz has hit the nail on the head – we all need STEAM on our lives 🙂

  3. Nice sentiment, but the E stands for Engineering – the focus of STEM is on getting kids interested in science and potential science careers, to address under-representation. (I’ve worked with my local STEM programme.) The arts are worthy of and need promotion, but that’s a whole different story 🙂

    • Oops slip of the finger and corrected now. As for arts being a whole different story – I’m afraid I disagree. It is only in modern times we have separated the two which is to the detriment of our children but there again I don’t see art only in terms of pictures on a page, notes on a stave or words in a poem. As a scientist myself I see the broader, deeper resonance of the arts in developing tomorrow’s scientists as has been demonstrated through the years before bipolarity set in.

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