Life is good! Life is inspirational!

The Old Nag

He married a horse
An old nag of a girl
With bleach blonded locks
And fake sealed in curls
That cascaded her back
To the nape where a brand
Was burnt on her hide
Like a moth to harangue
And express with great bombast
Without saying a word
Her contempt for herself
That was really absurd

And as lamb dressed as mutton
In a fashion of crass
Her ways altogether
Were in essence quite brash
Loud, overstated and awkward
Even ignorant too
Her demeanour horrific
Her ideas of the hue
Of black and of grey
Marred; mean and morose
A woman from the gutter
And for certain just gross

And over the years
He regretted the day
He’d said ‘yes I do’
As his life slipped away
Under thumb to this woman
Who moaned and complained
Airing her opinions
Again and again
But yet he stayed shackled
To this heinous wench
Who’s appearance and being
Was matched by her stench

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