Life is good! Life is inspirational!


So much on a mind
Bearing the weight of the world
In tangled nests of neurosis
Fettering flow
Checking composure
Traumatising tranquility
In a whirlwind of angst
That spirals out of control

And yet too, there in mind
In the inner sanctum of psyche
Rooted in silence and quietude
A nugget of calm
In the heart of soul
Petitions peace
Willing the chance to be heard
Amidst cognition’s chaos

For such is the conflict
An unseen battle raging
In the theatre of existence
Constant consternation
Emotional exertion
Pressure, stress and tension
In a life that is out of sync
With the essence of being


Comments on: "Angst" (2)

  1. ‘Quietude’ is one of my favourite words. Thank you for the read – hope calm ensues soon. G:)

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