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My Cat Geoffrey

My cat, Geoffrey
Such a grand name for a little cat
With onyx coat and amber eyes
And a demeanour somewhat displaced
From his humbler roots

His beckoning purr summons his serfs
And they do as he bids from his self-imposed throne
He lies like a Grecian God across the couch
With his bitch poised to be his queen
As and when he chooses, of course

For he is, Geoffrey Oliver, master of his universe
Ruler of this house; feline supreme; emperor extraordinaire
In an egocentric world
Where I am owned
His human – fetching, carrying, rallying

And then with tail held haughtily in the air
He takes his leave vacating this abode
Pouncing into the wild beyond the back door
Fearsome hunter; ferocious warrior; battle hardened commander
King of the garden jungle

My Cat Geoffrey


Comments on: "My Cat Geoffrey" (1)

  1. Beautiful cat…captured beautifully 🙂

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