Life is good! Life is inspirational!

Life in Focus

That feeling of everything going wrong
When the computer crashes
The car runs out of fuel
The heating breaks
The old bones ache
The money runs out
Dinner burns
The washing machine floods
A love is lost
That feeling that sinks the heart
Swirls gastric tides
Pounds neural corridors
Bruises the spirit black and blue
Like a watered window pane blurring and distorting life

Yet through the pane
The sun breaks through
Outside the blackbird sings
Geese weave their skein across the watery skies
Children laugh and play
Old men gather over a beer
Women chatter in the cafés
And in the background
Against the bubble of existence
A jazz pianist sweetens the airwaves
Bringing music and harmony
Colour and joy back in the picture
For life is good
Life back in focus once more

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