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When The Future Looks Back

What on earth will the future hold
Thirty years on from now
What progress will be made?
What will then be allowed?
What potential will be realised?
What thoughts will be had?
Will they be better and good?
Or have gone off and be bad?

Will we have moved on or perhaps
Will we have reverted because
The growth in the past
Has taken the buzz
Out of all that we have now
In this techno-age?
Will our evolvement of late
Have confined us in a cage?

In a cage where we’re unable;
Unable to do
Unable to speak even eat
What will then be in view?
For there’s part of me thinking
That thirty years on we’ll see
A backward step from where we’re now
With less capacity

Less means to continue
At the pace we have set
Or maybe the robots
Will be the ones to go get
In a manifested existence
Where all reason and rhyme
Will be lost to a greater
Intelligence than mine?

Will there even be water?
Fresh water for all?
Will there be a climate left
With spring, summer, and fall
And winter; the seasons –
Will they still exist
Or will the world be so bruised
From all of these twists

For thirty years on from now
In the year twenty forty five
What will it mean to us folks
To our existence; our lives
If dots, code and digits
In a world white and black
Are all that is left
When the future looks back!


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