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Look what you’ve done….

I don’t often reblog stories but maybe I should start. This is a truly inspiring story and no more so than it demonstrates people power – the capacity of another human to instil worth and belief in another who has been knocked. So many will recognise this in one form or another.

As for me I can verify just how amazing supportive folk are after over five years now of dealing with PoTS, autonomic dysfunction and latterly episodes of AF plus the recent onset of arthritis. To those reading this who know someone who battle with their health and well being or disabilities daily, please take note. We can all make a positive difference in other people’s lives. The question is will you chose to do so? Thanks Sue for this wonderful post.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

I walked in, having finished the morning’s work before I would normally have left the house. It is almost like having a day off. The dog looked at me reproachfully from under the sofa cushions… at least until I picked up the leash. She hadn’t been happy about my early morning sortie without her, long before the hour when she would normally have been up and about. Ever hopeful, she had still managed to dump the tennis ball at my feet. I had looked reproachfully too… at the alarm clock. Three in the morning is no time for the damned thing to start shrieking that I needed to be up for work. I wasn’t alone though and it wasn’t all that long before the half-expected text came through, checking I was up and would be there on time.

The roads were clear. Few are out at that time of day…

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Comments on: "Look what you’ve done…." (3)

  1. Thank you so much for reblogging Nick’s story. The difference made by the blogging community in my son’s life has been incredible.

    • It’s so encouraging that this community which we are all part of can make such a difference – the good side of cyberville shining through.

      • Right from the very first, when Nick was stabbed, the virtual family across he globe have ‘been there’ for him. The past year has seen the fruits of that mature and Nick is intent on making a difference to other lives too.

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