Life is good! Life is inspirational!

Moral Obligation

Once upon a time
Not so long a go
A chap called Moral walked these streets
A-keeping in the flow
With Mr Obligation
For neither were apart
Together driven by the same
Not head – but beating heart
But recently it’s rumoured
They’ve split; gone separate ways
Dear Moral disappearing
Has not been seen for days
And Mr Obligation?
He really doesn’t care
Cos no-one’s told him he’s obliged
And as far as he’s aware
Without any direction
He won’t make up his mind
And differentiate the good
From bad nor cruel from kind
For he relies on others
To drive him; give him steed
To get his act together
Less laws that gives him need
To operate; fulfil his dues
For that is all he’s worth
Another’s bidding less his own
In times of moral dearth


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