Life is good! Life is inspirational!

Outside the Box

When all is done and all is said
When sun sets and moon shines bright
Forgive those who have done much wrong
To sleep content tonight

For in life there will be those who
Want to get their own way
And make trouble or gossip lies
Create such disarray

Plus puppets who do as they’re bid
Have their strings pulled with just no thought
For what they say and what they do
Nor act kindly as they ought

For they will never find comfort
In being like they are
But you can find deep inner peace
“‘Neath galaxies of stars

By not rising to the bait they set
Nor breathing their toxic fumes
Remembering that wrong only
Deprives and all consumes

So instead forgive these folk who mess
With true joy and with goodness
And be thankful that you are based
In a place that is more blessed

And have sorrow that these people
Can’t appreciate and feel
What harmony is in their hearts
Keeping love and concord real

For this way lives outside the box
Where the only way to be
Is based in a forgiving creed
That will set you so free

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