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Sorry – The Hardest Thing

It must be lovely to go through life
Without accepting blame
Taking no responsibility
Exhibiting no shame
For the mistakes and the mishaps
That happen to us all
But maybe that is what will be
Your own biggest downfall

For the reality is as humans
We slip up and are flawed
For built into our psyche
Is an ‘oopsie button’ clause
That’s supposed to see the blunders
That are part of human life
And then press the reset button
To save us further strife

And thus by such acknowledgement
We learn when we go wrong
Take heed of our mistakes and then
Before too very long
We stretch the ‘sorry’ muscle
And grow in character
To learn life’s harder lessons
And improve on who we are

Comments on: "Sorry – The Hardest Thing" (2)

  1. ‘Accepting’ not ‘excepting’ blame methinks.
    But, thank you for the read – it reminded me of a ‘push the magic button’ piece I wrote where you could (if you wished) go back five minutes and not say the harsh words / not make the wrong choice / not cut the ‘blue’ wire.


  2. Fat fingers strike again and no glasses! Thanks

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