Life is good! Life is inspirational!

One droplet at a time

And the world said enough
Enough of your overindulgences
Your selfishness and greed
Your filth and your pollution
Your small mindedness and your squabbling
Your lies and hurtful deeds
Your discrimation and your prejudices
Enough said the world
And from one small droplet
She set to heal her broken land

There was pain and there was devastation
Some were sacrificed
Others wept rivers of tears
Some tried to rebel, others judged
Fear and anguish and anxiety filled the land
Worry consuming the hearts of those about
Economies were devoured
Consumerism vanquished
Until all that was left were raw beings
Stripped naked before the Earth

And the Earth had pity and compassion
As the rivers flowed blue and the trees could breathe
And love filtered amongst her citizens
As selfishness gave way to selfless consideration
As judgement reconciled with forgiveness
And blame gave way to understanding
As the battles ceased and peace reigned supreme
And truth took centre stage
Each individual, each community, each country
Reconnected for the better good.

One droplet at a time

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