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Just Desserts

You’ve heard of Cinderella and
Her stepmother from hell
And the Queen in Snow White’s story
Who sincerely was not swell
And the witch that in the wardrobe
Had a country full of ice
Well have you met the latest one
Who isn’t very nice?

She’s dressed in the apparel
Of evil Disney ‘bitch’
And upsets everybody
With her tongue just like an itch
Or toxic social irritant
Quite ignorant at best
Eclipsing sun most days it seems
A parasitic pest

With lack of true humanity
And absence of what’s kind
Less voiding any empathy
No sugar on her mind
A woman of opinion and
A mouth the size of Mars
Just shame that she cannot be capped
And locked up in a jar

But doubtless as in all good tales
Antagonist will go
For like the rest she’ll have her time
And then as story flows
She’ll meet her end in tune with how
She’s lived and all that hurt
Will hopefully come back and bite
To give her just desserts


Be Sure Your Sins Will Find You Out

Be sure your sins will find you out
Your words be shown to be
Dishonourable; full of deceit
Like wood from rotten tree

The wire that will just trip you up
The noose around your neck
The shade in which you’re forced to lurk
The outlaw in the deck

The darkness where no light can shine
The cave in which you hide
The tones of black and dingy grey
And murkiness inside

And then when all is said and done
And judgement day arrives
Be sure the rod of justice will
Determine who survives

The stick that will beat out the truth
The rhythm and the rhyme
As radiance will expel your ways
To last the test of time



He said “it’s only words”
He said “I didn’t lay a finger on you”
He said “but calling names don’t hurt me”

She said “always words”
She said “a blow to my head”
She said “it hurts”


Disappointed was the best word
Upset too strong
Let down too weak
Just plain disappointed
Trust betrayed
Hope severed
Promises broken
Saddened maybe
Frustrated definitely
Disillusioned almost certainly
But disappointed just seemed to sum it up
That word hung heavy
They simply didn’t deserve him
He neatened his tie
Picked up his books
And left
Never to look back

What Kind Of World Do We Live In?

What kind of world do we live in
What hatred abounds
Where wars sap earth’s bounty
Where animosity is found

What kind of world do we live in
Where is the peace
The love and the kindness
When did that cease

What kind of world do we live in
With starvation and curse
Where is the compassion
Why does it get worse

What kind of world do we live in
Where murder is rife
Where each beats the other
And the only answer’s a knife

What kind of world do we live in
Without souls and no hearts
Where trusts have been broken
Or are breaking apart

Why kind of world do we live in
Where lies are complex
And dishonour abundant
Another reason to vex

What kind of world do we live in
What planet is this
Where Earth’s beauty is lost
A beauty I miss

The Earth seen from Apollo 17.

The Earth seen from Apollo 17. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Word Tennis

At Love – Fifteen! He threw the first
Insult over the fence
But she came back with two more words
That had left him feeling tense

Thirty; Fifteen! They carried on
Shouting and yelling so
Their words aimed deep at each across
The net all to and fro

Forty; thirty – more battered hurts
Were served and hit in turn
But she remained a point above
And still intent to burn

She took another shot at him
To beat him; take the game
Word tennis; not a pretty sight
No winners; only shame!

Tennis ball on tennis court.

Tennis ball on tennis court.

Emotional Abuse

You constricted and contained me
Confined my will by yours
You held me hostage for a lifetime
Suffocating; shutting doors
You blinded me; you stifled me
Suppressed me from within
You anchored me to your ways
To ensure that you could win
You couldn’t stand to lose at all
Nor could you just let go
So emotionally you kept a check
To limit me you know
You bound me with tight ropes
Invisible though true
That held me; took my freedom
Everything was about you

But now I sing a different song
That plays off brighter stave
A bird with wings no longer clipped
In essence I’ve been saved
With a spirit now released and free
With choice there in my flight
No tethers to your grappling ways
No leash that holds me tight
And you?  Why I care I don’t know?
But sad you seem so lost
Unable to see what you’ve done
The price; such high a cost
For now you pay your penance
How much? Nobody knows?
For the truth that rumbles deep within
Won’t sleep or find repose

And my prayer?  I pray you’ll recognize
I pray you’ll see just where
You went wrong and will never do
Those things again – beware!
I pray that I will have the strength
To rebuild; to survive
To live the life I’m worthy of
One where I will then thrive
And then I hope you’ll disappear
From the contents of my mind
Instead being replaced by thoughts
More wholesome and more kind
For life is for the living
Not the dead as you made me
For though you took my soul captive
I now claim liberty!

Emotional Abuse



Beware Of the Biters

Beware of the biters and nippers
The ones who take chunks of you
Who tear at your fleshy emotions
To pierce the peace out of the blue

Those chompers who think it is OK
To nibble and get in their teeth
To expose raw feelings and passions
Revealing a wound underneath

And those who gnaw in with their gnashes
Who think that they are really tough
In fact need a toothy extraction
For enough is just really enough!

Apple with a bite taken out of it.

Apple with a bite taken out of it. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Spare The Rod And Spoil The Child

Spare the rod and spoil the child
So the saying goes
But that is not to say that you
Can beat your children so

Or chastise them inappropriately
Deprive them, knock about
Demean, bully, intimidate
Or constantly just shout

It doesn’t mean the naughty step
Is what they really need
Or to be locked up in a room
Until they then accede

It simply means that firm values
And standards should be taught
With love, respect, autonomy
Compassion and support

It means that patience should be there
To take the time to show
The children of tomorrow’s world
Just what is right to know

It means a rod to reel them in
As fish look to the bait
The bait – the message that will save
Them from the ways of hate!

So spare the rod and spoil the child
Be careful that you know
The kinder ways to teach children
To help them really grow

English: animated: Lady Justice at Dublin and ...

English: animated: Lady Justice at Dublin and Old Bailey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ersatz Heart

Locked in embrace of ersatz heart
Ochre and azure blue
To dance through air and join as one
But is their love so true?

For here love’s symbol will betray
A ritual rather harsh
As Azure punctures, grabs and punch
At Ochre by the marsh

And yet this sapphire dart displays
airborne supremacy
Skating cross cerulean sky
‘Gainst summer’s verdancy.

Ersatz Heart