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Baboon Surprise

I saw a baboon
So high out of reach
Carved into the wood
I believe it was Beech

And up there from his vantage
He looked down his nose
At the walkers who missed him
Whilst watching their toes

For they feared they’d trip
On uneven ground
Whilst listening intently
To the forest sounds

They feared for a predator
Camouflaged; hid
Ready to grab them
Oh heaven forbid!

So head down they trampled
Through all of the rough
No sense they’d been spied
From high up above

And thus the baboon
Right over their heads
Was able to pounce
And leave them for dead

So the moral is simple
Watch out and beware
For what’s under your nose
Might not be the big scare

And the baboon in the treetops
May be the big threat
That being so said
If he ain’t got you yet!