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I Spy …

Eyes in the forest
Looking at me
As still as a stick
Yet disguised by a tree
Before white of your tail bobs
From where you are stood
Into the thicket
Back into the wood

Bird Bullies

A plucky sparrow comes and sits
Next to the cat – oh what a twit
It squawks and tweets a rowdy noise
That says come down all girls and boys
For this daft cat has lost his edge
He’s scared of me here in the hedge
So with a little push today
I reckon he’ll just run away
And blubber to his Mum and Dad
That birds are bullies – poor poor lad!
Then we’ll be free to peck away
To tweet and chirp throughout the day
Without the threat or chance that we’ll
End up instead as his main meal!

Cat’s Eyes

Cats eyes gleaming in the night
Like beacons;
Bright palates of mystery
Beaming out of the umbra
Reflecting the moon’s silvered light
Seeking, preying, spying
Ready to elicit nocturnal energy
To stalk and to hunt
Under the cover of darkness
Until the sun rises
And those eyes close
Lost in a furry visage
That lies curled up
At rest for another day



I swear you do it to annoy
To treat me like I am your toy
As you zigzag in front of me
With backward glance that says “he he”

Or when I’m lying on a bed
Come play with toes ‘til they bleed red
Believing they are prey for you
To tantalize out of the blue

Or even when you’ve not intent
To go outside, with no relent
You meow by the door to say
I need to smell the air today

Less if the laptop’s left on view
You think “hey great” with no thank you
And sit upon the keyboard till
All wwwwwwwwwwwwwwooooooooork is wrecked! That is your thrill!

But worst of all, and this is bad
You pull those eyes that say you’re sad
That plead such innocence in spite
Of thinking that you’re always right!


The Purrfect Retreat

They told me I was going to
A hotel just for cats
A vacation is what they said
A place I could relax
A haven for all felines
A retreat to paws awhile
To put my feet up; have a break
And go away in style!

But pffft! What do they know at all?
These humans – what big twits
They put me in this massive cage
And thought that with titbits
They’d buy me – my allegiance
Get me to drool and say
‘This place is really wonderful
What a great holiday!’

They thought I’d be contented with
The food they’d post through hatch
But I was really not impressed
For odouring my patch
Were several other felines
“Some friends for you” they said
“Get real!” I thought and turned my back
And headed into bed

And there I stayed and slept until
My human did return
At last I thought with cunning wit
Now is your time to learn
Just what it’s like! What I’ve been through
In this your cat hotel!
For to my mind it had just been
A prison right from hell!

And so when we returned back home
I put my tail in air
And walked away from them at once
As though they were not there
And did not give in to their bribes
To let them cuddle me
But gave them warning with a spit
And headed up the tree

I sat there for a while and thought
You think you’re really smart
But I’m a cat; a god some say
Good lord where is your heart?
For you can’t lock me up like that
And think that all is fine!
For I have standards and have views
And won’t stand in your line!

For if I had the power I’m owed
I’d send my humans to
That purrfect retreat like they did
And see what they would do!
I put them in a kennel
And lock them right away
And see if they would think the same!
For it’s no holiday!

A reflection on what might have been going on in my cat’s head the last few days but not reflection on the lovely cattery he stayed in!

The Purrfect Retreat


Black feline with large amber eyes
That sits upon the stair
With look that threatens, promises
A game though not that fair
With eager wit to quite undo
Unbalance you from step
As black has cunning on his mind
And really is adept
At quickly whipping tread right from
Your feet when down you go
Down to the bottom of the stairs
Whence cat, the so and so
Will have smug satisfaction and
An air of winners luck
As one quick pounce he’s knocked you down
Gotcha! You sitting duck!



He curls up there
In a bundle of adorable black fluff
Dreaming of what? We cannot know
Until suddenly! Without warning!
He pounces!
And toes become his prey!


Tibetan’s Sacred Heart

So small and so dependable
In cream and honeyed coat
With deep set eyes of chocolate brown
And feathered ears to note
So gorgeous and adorable
Cute pups that will impart
Much bundled lovability
Tibetan’s sacred heart

Tibetan’s sacred heart

Lhasa Apso Puppies

Autumn Hysteria

Let’s cue autumn hysteria
It happens every year
Not in the sense that leaves drop gold
Or hops are making beer
But on a scale enormous
The worse that there has been
By far the biggest threat to man
For spiders have been seen
Invading every household
Intent one must presume
Of eating its inhabitants
The kids perhaps consume
But most devouring sanity
By stealth; weapon of fright
Arachnid armies on the move
And nightmares night on night!

English: Spider

English: Spider (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Killer Slug

If you dare go into your garden today
You just might see and find
The hugest slug from Spain I’m told
With hunger on his mind
To munch his way through beans and sprouts
And cabbage leaves and more
Lest leave the cats food within sight
And he’ll eat that for sure!
And dead mammals; he’ll gobble them
Without a second look
The killer slug so grandiose
That needs to sling his hook!


Based on this news story 

Arion lusitanicus 1

Arion lusitanicus 1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)