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The Robin

Hip hip hooray for the robin
A lively little bird
Ubiquitous in many sense
A chirp that can be heard
Not far from feet in summer
And winter all the same
With red breast and black beady eyes
Enjoying British fame
As country’s national sweetheart
Amongst all birds we see
Christmas card pin up; gardeners’ friend
Entwined in our psyche



Okay we hear you! Yes we hear you!
Raucous bird we hear your call
Your rattling up in the air
To another seagull
We hear you squark and blether
To each other! Yes we do!
But really do you have to shout
And make this racquet too
So early in the morning
So early in the day
Oh noisy bird! How do have
So very much to say?


Autumn Geese

A skein of autumn geese
Flock formed across the watery sky
In silhouette against the rising sun
Punctuating the moist, cool, morning air
With honked calling on downbeat of wing
Migrating in from distant shores


English: Skein of geese over morning mist A lo...

English: Skein of geese over morning mist A loose formation honking loudly on their way to nearby lakes. The mist lingers in the valley. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)