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Bohemian Jewel

Bohemian jewel – exotic gem
Eccentric unique diadem
That sets against the runes of state
Artistic avant-garde relate
Not to conform, nor tie to rein
Free spirit surging through each vein
A maverick, distinct, offbeat
Eccentric outré on the street
Rapturous joyful expression
Against limit and repression
Bohemian jewel – what do you care
Unhindered charm just so out there!



Grantham bestride the Witham sits
Where town embraces shire
And church steeple arises high
From Wulfram’s Church not to deny
Such history to aspire

Within the ancient wapentake
Of Winnibriggs and Threw
Her heritage shines out so bright
Her legacy and pride in sight
From Hills and Hollows view

Whence from the peregrine’s eyrie
That nests in the bell tower
Her soul outspread for all to see
That stretches out across country
Her bequest to endower

For here the feet of honoured peers
Attest her hidden zeal
To incubate great destiny
Inspire each one prodigiously
Her fervent heart reveal

English: Grantham town centre as seen from the...

English: Grantham town centre as seen from the top of the hills and hollows with St. Wulfram’s Church as the focal point. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Grantham is a market town in Lincolnshire, UK.  Birthplace of the UK’s first woman Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, home to Isaac Newton’s old school, The King School and renowned for being the first town to have female police officers in 1914.  The Mallard steam train broke the speed record just south of the town in 1938.  Grantham can also be thanked for producing the first running diesel engine in 1892 and the UK’s first tractor in 1896.  This poem therefore pays homage to a small town that has in its own right made a huge contribution to the world at large.


There is a little something that
Sits somewhere in my mind
That carries all my hidden thoughts
To recall or to find
But where it’s gone I do not know
For now I have forgot
The key – where did I put that thing?
I’ve lost it – lost the plot!

It’s disappeared and vanished and
It’s slipped right from my grasp
This thing that I am looking for
Has fallen from my clasp
The matter that can recollect
Or hide all last years woes
Has now evaded me again
Where is it?  Goodness knows

And what you ask is it that I
Have mislaid- lost in vain!
I can’t remember – that’s the point
For gone now from my brain
Is one thing that I need the most
To help me hopefully
Just reminisce and recollect
Oh! Where’s my memory?


The Pool of Mediocrity

The pool of mediocrity
Appears a commonplace
Of banal plain run-of-the-mill
All grey at the coalface

Normality personified
And ordinary too
But without mediocrity
Could excellence imbue?

Could superb really then exist
Without deficiency
Could brilliance shine out above

For would we then perceive the state
Of tip-top quality
If we had nothing to compare
To mediocrity

And so perhaps this little pool
That’s shunned as nothing great
Is actually the harbinger
Of all we call first-rate!


I felt it creep right down my neck
And tingle up my spine
I felt the tap, I shuddered as
My thoughts lent to incline
That someone was just out there
Or something very strange
For in the air an omen hung
A coldness close at range

It gripped my soul and wrenched my heart
And stuck me to the spot
My brain fixed in a terror’s gasp
And panic racing hot
And then I swear I saw a face
Just through the window panes
An image imprint on the glass
Blood frozen in my veins

A second look and it had gone
All vanished out of sight
But still in ether lurking there
With all the doors locked tight
Were traces of that other world
A portal ‘tween the two
Whence vacant soul had wondered from
To chill the air quite blue

Death’s grave was breached; a vault ruptured
With mist or fog encase
The apparition’s haunting frame
The gaunt and stark white face
That in an instance did reveal
A fear my core rebuked
Encounter with this spectre that
Left me so truly spooked!

The Guardian Of The Lamp

You are the guardian of the lamp
That bathes your way in light
The keeper of the keys that keeps
Your stronghold safe and tight
The sentinel who checks your path
The nurse who oversees
The angel who protects and saves
Custodian who believes
For you, my friend, are all of these
And doubtlessly much more
Just take a stand as watchman of
Your life and take the floor!
And be the raconteur who is
Orator of your soul
Of your today, your destiny
Your hopes, your dreams, your goal

Guardian of the Lamp


Childlike Eyes

Let’s look and see with childlike eyes
Regard for one more time
And view the world the way we once
Saw everything sublime
When all was bright and brilliant
And everything was new
The simplest thing gave such delight
Enchanted senses too

The joy of seeing snowflakes fall
Or robins in the tree
The love of getting our first glimpse
Of waves down by the sea
The wildest buzz and marvel of
Clouds flying in the blue
The kick of visions wonderful
Where webs were laced in dew

Let’s gaze upon the butterfly
Emerging from cocoon
Or lightning bolt streak cross the sky
See changing shape of moon
Light up our faces one more time
Like young eyes shine brightly
Lest else the mist of time obscures
Visual acuity

Childlike Eyes


When from this world we do depart
The legacy we leave
Will have no substance in the gold
That’s been amassed; achieved
But rather in the good we’ve done
The difference that we’ve made
The hearts we’ve touched and hands we’ve held
The lives we’ve helped upgrade
For legacies are best preserved
So precious and so true
When unique acts of kindness strike
And outlive me and you



Why is the sky so blue
What makes the grass bright green
Why is the sea and ocean wet
How salty has it been?

What makes the trees so tall
Why do the birds fly high
How do the flowers grow in the ground
And why do clouds pass by

What makes the sun come up
And turns the night to day
Who turns the hands of every clock
And drives the world per se

Who set the world in swing
What started the big bang
What went before all that we know
Such questions that harangue

The whys, the what’s, the how’s
With many more beside
That children ask relentlessly
That come in waves and tides



What is peace
If it is not more than that inner sanctum
That state of knowing
That sacred sense of calm, safe, secure, stability
That rests in the heart of mankind
Peace – the friend of sanity
The heartbeat of concord and harmony
That reconciles us to ourselves
In armistice with each other
A truce with life
That is Peace

en: Peace dove icon. es: Icono de la paloma de...

en: Peace dove icon. es: Icono de la paloma de la paz. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)