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The Pirouetting Buckingham Palace Guard

There’s a guard at the palace today
Who’s putting on quite a display
With a twist and a twirl
And a bit of a curl
He’s a comic now wouldn’t you say

He’s wearing his bearskin on head
And his jacket is shiny bright red
But his march from his post
Is the thing loved by most
With a pirouette so it is said

But now sadly he’s got into strife
For despite his good humour so rife
He must stand still and dumb
To not endorse nor succumb
To his Strictly Come Dancing dreamed life

So news has broken of a guard pirouetting at Buckingham Palace.  If you want to see the You Tube clip – click this link:


The Plane Waltz

I saw a plane dance in the sky
‘Gainst fields of corn and air so blue
With clouds she frolicked, turned and dived
Aerobatics so true

She swooped and glid and swirled and swung
Up in the sky so clear she flew
A waltz between man and his plane
A spectacle construe

With grace she seemed to stall then plunge
A pathway in the air she hew
Controlling airspace with such poise
Such skilful perfect view

Flying Bulls Aerobatics Team during an Air Sho...

Flying Bulls Aerobatics Team during an Air Show in Krems, Austria (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If Music Is The Food Of Love

If music is the food of love
Then words will also be
The rhythm of an inner soul
That’s beats so wild and free

The metre of a heart’s desire
Expressions vent so true
Transcending destiny and life
As lexicon imbue

The passion of sweet harmonies
That dwell within so pure
And cadence of life’s symphony
Cross staves that dance for sure

The tonic of all emphasis
That swells to thus define
That music as the food of love
Tangos with words entwined

If Music Be The Food Of Love

Let’s Do The Limbo

Come on let’s do the limbo dance
Get down under the stick
With steel drums and a lot of fun
Go limbo! !Quick! Quick! Quick!

And shake a little booty
In Caribbean style
To limbo lower lower – still
‘Neath bar with beaming smile

And set yourself in motion
Let floor kiss your behind
To flex under calypso beat
With the limbo frame in mind