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Swan Song

A swan song cut so very short
As bird capitulates
With early flight to heaven’s skies
Bereft of living state

For muted tonics fade into
The realm of softer tones
On wing of wind forever there
Away now all alone

And sweetness of the final song
Now drifts on distant breeze
As graceful swan departs this earth
To swim eternal seas

In memory of a deceased swan that we found in a lay-by today.  So very sad.

Swan Song

Photograph courtesy of BenDJ Photography

The Dodo’s Legacy

How know you that the dodo lived
That bird now gone from earth
That strutted fields and foreign realms
And of Mauritian birth

The bird that now is so extinct
It will not tweet anew
That walked so free in time gone by
Now disappeared from view

And yet that lesson still not learnt
As animals demise
From weaponry of human greed
Consumed before our eyes

So save this ball on that we spin
Through space and galaxies
Safeguarding all endangered lives
Protect all rare species

For let our children not grow old
To only recollect
From books the pictures of wildlife
They’ll otherwise forget

And steadfastly let creeds be drawn
Save beasts to roam so free
To walk the world for we must learn
The Dodo’s legacy

Dodo reconstruction (Raphus cucullatus) reflec...

Dodo reconstruction (Raphus cucullatus) reflecting new research at Oxford University Museum of Natural History (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I felt it creep right down my neck
And tingle up my spine
I felt the tap, I shuddered as
My thoughts lent to incline
That someone was just out there
Or something very strange
For in the air an omen hung
A coldness close at range

It gripped my soul and wrenched my heart
And stuck me to the spot
My brain fixed in a terror’s gasp
And panic racing hot
And then I swear I saw a face
Just through the window panes
An image imprint on the glass
Blood frozen in my veins

A second look and it had gone
All vanished out of sight
But still in ether lurking there
With all the doors locked tight
Were traces of that other world
A portal ‘tween the two
Whence vacant soul had wondered from
To chill the air quite blue

Death’s grave was breached; a vault ruptured
With mist or fog encase
The apparition’s haunting frame
The gaunt and stark white face
That in an instance did reveal
A fear my core rebuked
Encounter with this spectre that
Left me so truly spooked!


When from this world we do depart
The legacy we leave
Will have no substance in the gold
That’s been amassed; achieved
But rather in the good we’ve done
The difference that we’ve made
The hearts we’ve touched and hands we’ve held
The lives we’ve helped upgrade
For legacies are best preserved
So precious and so true
When unique acts of kindness strike
And outlive me and you


One Day

I know one day I’ll surely die
I’ll draw my last long breath
I’ll close my eyes and let my soul
Be consumed by my death

And at that time I pray I’ll know
That life has really been
The best adventure here on earth
Lived fully – ever keen

I pray that I’ll have soared the skies
Have walked the highest range
Swam in the deepest ocean blue
Have welcomed, embraced change

I pray I’ll have just lived a life
The best one that I can
With love and laughter radiantly
Since when my days begun

Caught hold of inspiration bright
Kissed wonders to behold
Danced with great happiness and hope
With truth my life unfold

And in that last breath tentatively
I’ll pray that you’ll know still
That I have loved you from your first
Deep breath and always will.

One Day

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The Cycle of Life

There’s a somewhat cyclic pattern
That reveals throughout the years
From childhood times to adulthood
And into old age steers

For once I was a small baby
A young and helpless child
An infant needing comfort still
And succour undefiled

With childish way and joyfulness
I skipped and hopped and played
A carefree, fun existence with
Such innocent charade

Then into adolescence went
With hormones steaming fast
Discovering much more of life
Identities to last

The leaving home to venture off
And time for student ways
To make the world a better place
Those pure idyllic days

Before the time of settling down
With partners and broad smiles
And maybe starting a new job
Or career to last the miles

Then hear the cry of baby some
Parenting starts to dawn
The now due pitter patter of
Small feet or sleepy yawn

Before middle age encroaches
Time to consolidate
The changes physiological
Some good; some not so great

The senior years advancing with
Grey locks and wrinkled face
The dawn of life’s reflecting time
Towards old age with grace

Then arrives the final chapter
Old age so rich and wise
I’ll take the time to contemplate
No mask now; no disguise

Time to again accept a hand
That care’s with love and more
To ease towards the last curtain
With childlike eyes and awe

For there is a cyclic pattern
That reveals throughout the years
From childhood times to adulthood
And into old age steers



In truth I never shook his hand
But knew he was just there
The little chap that ran around
And sat by Grandpa’s chair

He called him Charlie to his face
And said he was his friend
Invisible to me by sight
For he was just pretend

But even when we ventured out
He came so Grandpa said
Consistently right by his side
Running where he was led

He came out to the coffee shop
He went to the big store
He never missed the park outing
Or pint of beer for sure

And oh so very mischievous
He was a cheeky lad
Charlie, the boy so full of fun
Just happy, never sad!

And then when Grandpa passed away
We lost old Charlie too
As he slipped back from where he came
Imagination’s hue!

But there the story doesn’t end
For one thing lives for sure
Those memories of Grandpa G
And Charlie evermore!

Dedicated to my Grandpa and his wild and wonderful imagination personified in the life of Charlie 


Through the misted dawn of yesterday
A new morrow came in view
And through the one way gate from life
I turned and passed right through
I looked and saw you crying
And my heart reached out to you
For now your turn has not arrived
To walk into the blue

But when you need me remember this
Our memoirs will pave the way
A connection in the ether
That will be there night and day
And reminisce with fondness
Let me see you smile and play
And let your laughter ring aloud
To shine like the sun’s ray

And don’t grieve that I have had to leave
That this is the end; adieu
Instead be brave and look ahead
New beginnings, ventures new
And live and hope and flourish
And be happy as you do
For my Darling, I promise this
I’ll watch right over you.


Always Remembered – Never Forgotten