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Dreams Fulfilled

In life there are so many things
That stand right in our way
A million blocks that circumvent
Our dreams; our hopes delay

But with a will of fortitude
Of strength and true resolve
Let’s creatively determine
To not let them dissolve

Nor diffuse them in the ether
To vanish out of sight
But courageously take up cups
And mantles with full might

Let’s work out pathways through the mist
Dispelling clouds for sun
To shine; illuminate the way
So inspiration runs

And then we’ll live lives; dreams fulfilled
With difference to impart
That touch, caress and so uplift
The contents of our heart


Photo Credit: Jenni Dellow



Dreams past reality
Yonder the given
Deeper than slumber
Outside yet within
Further; farther; untouchable
And yet almost tangible in their existence

Dreams past reality
Unconsious existence
Being unfathomable
Surreal and bizarre
Images, emotions, sensations
And yet accommodating desire’s ether

Dreams past reality
Beyond consciousness
Intrinsic phenomena
Conscious insights
Manifesting parallel illusions
And yet expressing a heart’s core content



Imagination’s Tide

Come ride imagination’s
Magic Carpet for a day
Come fly above the world and drift
A million miles away

Come to the place you want to go
The place you love the best
Come delve into the pot of dreams
Where mind’s fancy takes no rest

Come sail the furthest oceans
And climb the highest hills
Come wander down green valleys
Or raft white water’s thrills

Come explore the deepest jungle
Where the leopard lies in wait
Come walk through any city with
Fresh eyes on scenes so great

Come scale through desert yonder
Seek oasis to inspire
Come visit space, the universe
Stars and planets set on fire

Come soar across the south pole
Follow penguins one by one
Come swim aboard a dolphin’s back
Bask with turtles in the sun

Come do all of this and more
Seek cross the world so wide
Come ride my magic carpet
On imagination’s tide

Imagination's Tide

Don’t Lose Your Dreams

Don’t lose your dreams
Don’t cease to hope
Don’t lose your way in life
But focus on the road ahead
The can do lest the strife

Be steadfast and
Have foothold sure
Be ready and be true
To walk the path of your intent
The one that’s marked for you

And live a life
A happy life
That’s full of joy and smiles
And be inspired eternally
Across the many miles

dreams and wishes. 62/365

dreams and wishes. 62/365 (Photo credit: ♥)



Have you been there?  Have you seen it?
Have you felt the air on face?
Have you truly known?  Experienced?
Have you been to such a place?

Where grass is blue and sky is green
The trees grow upside down
Cats and dogs audibly converse
The place; another town

Where anything is possible
Where boundaries don’t exist
Where people come and others go
Surrounded in a mist

Or maybe it’s a vapour
So truly ethereal
A definition inside you
The call of what you feel

And yet this place is only known
To you and you alone
For though so many might be there
It just cannot be cloned

For there you steal away at night
In soporific state
To drift off on sedation’s tides
As dreamland lies in wait.


Imagination’s Fayre

Sow the seeds of magic
To warm and incubate
And there will be a tree that grows
So mighty and so great

A tree that buds so brightly
With petals and full blooms
With flowers that herald wonder
And exotic perfumes

A harbinger of feathered flock
With plumes of vibrancy
To take flight into distant lands
For hope’s vivacity

A tree that will outlast the years
Laden full with fruit so rare
And pods of inspiration’s dreams
Imagination’s fayre

Magical Colorful Sunset Tree Silhouette

Magical Colorful Sunset Tree Silhouette (Photo credit: Striking Photography by Bo Insogna)


Oh sleep why don’t you come and sit
Just here right by my side
Consume my mind and hold my hand
In you let me confide
And gently with sweet persuasion
Drift over all my soul
To lap the shores of dream lands where
Unconscious ways will stroll
Across a world of slumber and
A state of lethargy
Oh sleep come take your place, reside
In peace with dormancy

The Humpback Whale

I rode a silver humpback whale
Across the open sea
With songs of pure delight that rang
Out loud with great beauty

With fluke that pushed us through the waves
Propelling with such might
Whilst breaching to the highest skies
And splash of sheer delight

My humpback whale swan on and on
From pole to midline sure
Accompanied with other kin
Who joined in on the tour

On migrant trip from north to south
With me set on his back
To see the warmer ocean tides
To feed; to keep on track

Such splendour and wonder inspired
Majestically he went
The humpback whale cross ocean’s grand
And me; a maid of Kent

And all the while he sang and sung
With moans, and howls and cries
Cross waters auditorium
Repeating his reprise

To herald all from far and wide
To see; behold his power
The silver humpback whale that swam
And sung for hour on hour

A Humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae), a m...

A Humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae), a member of order Cetacea (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Guardian Of The Lamp

You are the guardian of the lamp
That bathes your way in light
The keeper of the keys that keeps
Your stronghold safe and tight
The sentinel who checks your path
The nurse who oversees
The angel who protects and saves
Custodian who believes
For you, my friend, are all of these
And doubtlessly much more
Just take a stand as watchman of
Your life and take the floor!
And be the raconteur who is
Orator of your soul
Of your today, your destiny
Your hopes, your dreams, your goal

Guardian of the Lamp


The Greatest Things

There is no greater thing than love
No more than devine hope
No sweeter life than one that’s gives
Great succour extends scope
Nor one that is compassionate
Extends a hand so kind
That walks the earth with grace and peace
Contentment of the mind

There is no greater gift than faith
In self and purity
The cherishing of all that’s good
And of integrity
So may I pray that you will find
All these as you move through
This journey that we call the walk
Of life with blessings true