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Lost Love

Forever in my thoughts, my heart
And also in my dreams
Forever in my mind, my life
Held dear in my esteem

Away on distant shoreline now
A beach so far away
The memories in eternity
The past alive today

A union’s chosen legacy
From times of utter bliss
Those days now that have died and gone
A life to reminisce

The harbinger of seasons sweet
Good eras that we shared
The love that then existed and
The joy that once was there

A pledge to hold and to uplift
With truth responsibly
To cherish a lost heritage
The best of you and me

And even though our love is lost
That love that has now ceased
Accepting what has gone before
Revives, inspires, gives peace.

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Do you ever stop and wonder
When looking to the sky
The years that have now been and gone
As starlight hits your eye

Heavenly bodies oh so luminous
Mind-blowing to observe
Philosophy transcending as
It hits our optic nerve!

So immense and everlasting
Expansive universe
Astonishing; astounding
For time to still traverse

Do you ever stop and wonder
When you look into the sky
Such mysteries unparalleled
The marvels way up high

Star trails and Star tails.

Star trails and Star tails. (Photo credit: Joe Dsilva)

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A Mother’s Prayer

I wonder what you’ll make or do
And wonder where you’ll go
As from the skirt hems you alight
And sail pure water’s flow

To pastures where you’ll venture new
To find your heart’s desire
To master lands you know not where
In conquest to aspire

But what you’ll do and where’ll you’ll go
Remains a mystery
Yet let your path be strewn with flowers
With friendship gracefully

And let your carriage carry you
To places oh so bright
Where stars shine lustrously all day
With radiance so light

Where hope’s wish stays entirely lit
With joy and peacefulness
So through your life, I pray you’ll know
Great love and be so blessed


What’s In A Wish?

What’s in a wish; A million hopes
And dreams of better things
With drops of aspiration bright
Desires eternal springs

And bids to see the sun shine more
To see the rainbow’s end
To live in peace and harmony
With love that will transcend

Our futures and our destiny
Our paths more green from here
A wish that grants with such accord
And uplifts each one dear

That imbues senses with sweet scent
That reigns in silver weave
With blessings and fulfilling faith
Our dearest wish conceive

The Night-Train

As tiredness comes and bids me sleep
And eyelids start to close
The night-time train arrives at last
On tracks of sweet repose

Where calm and soft tranquillity
Attest to peacefulness
And off towards the land of dreams
I drift in quietness

From consciousness to slumber vale
Past stations gently creep
In sprinklings of a magic sand
And breaths so very deep

Past fields of dormant memories
To hills of nonchalance
In oceans waves of rock-a-bye
To deserts without glance

The night-train pushes on with grace
With still and serene guise
In placidity that comforts still
To morning and sunrise.

Majestic Clouds

Oh clouds so full of majesty
You sail across the sky
With vibrant gowns and velvet robes
That really can’t deny
Your gleaming royal supremacy
As evening heralds in
Clouds mystic and so wonderful
So bright above to win
Upon the sea that billows
In swathes of vapours high
Oh clouds drift atmospherically
In cloaks to please the eye

Majestic Clouds

To Yourself Be True

To My Children:

You know I’ve always tried so hard
To do my best for you
I’d give my all if that would help
Make sacrifices too

I’d not stop at any boundary
Nor falter to go on
If you needed me I’d be there
I’d stay and not be gone

And yet now that you are older
My best is not so much
The need for me to hold on still
But let go of my clutch

For the best now I can help with
Is access on those days
You need a shoulder or a hand
Or light to guide your way

So that then so ultimately
It’s simply down to you
To take the best of all you’ve had
And to yourself be true

To Yourself Be True

Celestial Moon

Celestial moon what do you see
Out on your nightly wandering
What marvels do your travels bring
What sights appear to thee?

What glimpses do you then observe
What hides yet seeks below your glow
Beneath the stars that twinkle so
Against your crescent curve

Oh mighty moon up in the sky
Dispelling darkness in your way
Lit gently by your lunar ray
What do you grasp on high?

What ferries forth beneath you moon
What secrets do you keep so well?
What stories could you really tell?
In light of time so soon

Celestial moon what do you see
Out on your nightly wandering
What marvels do your travels bring
What sights appear to thee?


Riches Beyond Compare

I spy them sat behind their desks
The bankers in their suits
Counting up their bags of money
And precious gems to boot

And locked away in bank vaults
Are gold bars of so much worth
With all the other precious things
So treasured on the earth

But what do riches really mean
How can we add them up?
Are they really quite so tangible?
To come in silver cups

For aren’t there other valuables
Worth more than bars of gold
Those things in life so priceless
That we honour and behold

Those things that have no price tag
Those things that can’t be bought
Those things that mean so very much
That come with grace and thought

That come with love and kindness
With compassion and with care
Those riches that are free to all
That go beyond compare

So I spy the bankers counting
Their stash of gold money
But I would rather count up wealth
In riches I can’t see



I lay awake at night and think
And wonder so many things
For in the darkness of that time
The day thoughts crowd right in
And stampede and march with bombast
Through corridors of mind
Swirling round and round in uproar
For answers hard to find

But then sleep creeps in unnoticed
And transforms this noisy world
Where wakefulness evaporates
A dreamland is unfurled
And a tide then washes over
A boat waits there for me
And off I sail out on the waves
Of night-time’s sleepy sea

I cruise to places near and far
Incandescent and so bright
Each presenting with such realness
With sounds and vibrant sights
And characters speak out aloud
With life vivaciously
So clear and brave unquestioning
Illusions plain to see

I see things that are amazing
Though some might leave their mark
Transfixed beyond this other world
Phenomena so stark
Of my comatose dream state
A place of no recall
Until the cockerel wakes me up
And bids good morning all