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Happy Easter

The Easter bunny’s in a pickle
Does not know what to do
Cos the rules say to stay local
To keep a social distance too
And the tooth fairy’s a-nagging
As usual if we’re fair
Cos she says eggs will rot the teeth
Of kiddies everywhere
But the biggest issue for him
Where’s he’s really hit a wall
Is that after lockdown munchies
He’s now as wide as he is tall
Which means he’s stuck within his burrow
Unable to make deliveries
So instead he has contracted
Out his eggs to companies
So this year watch your doorstep
For that’s where you will find
The eggs from the Easter bunny
If you’ve been good and have been kind.

An Easter Message

An Easter Message Just For You

What rubble is in your life?
What rocks get in the way
What boulders needs a-shifting
Not just this Easter Day
But daily on your journey
The journey we call life
Where maybe stones have cast their lot
To cause hassle and strife

Yet know there is salvation
For each and everyone
Where hope and light shine brightly
When all is said and done
For in yourself a quiet small voice
Lies deep within your heart
Like compass that is yours alone
That’s been there from the start

A compass that will navigate
A pathway sure and strong
Away from judgements others make
Ignoring wagging tongues
Set on a course of freedom
Autonomous and true
That plots your path as you would have
And does what you will do

And with your moral compass
Be enlightened and be sure
To move those rocks that stand to block
Determined evermore
To soar your own potential
To sit in harmony
Living the life you’re meant to live
Empowered eternally

Easter Message

Easter Saturday (Haiku)

Sabbatum Sanctum

Prelude to Easter Day
Holy Saturday

The Easter Bunny Strike

Have you heard the Easter Bunny
Won’t be working next weekend
Cos Tooth Fairy’s rejected him
And won’t become his friend
Says he’s rotting all the teeth
Of the boys and girls per se
So Bunny’s gone into a strop
And will strike this Easter day

He’s stamped his feet and scarpered
He’s cross as cross can be
Says Tooth Fairy needs to back off
Apologise for free
For it’s not his fault that children like
His chocolate and his eggs
And if he’s blamed then he’ll stay home
To save his weary legs

And so a crisis’s pending
Whatever will we do
If no eggs get delivered in
The mad hullabaloo
For despite his moans and grumbles
It’s really clear to see
That both need to just compromise
Both Fairy and Bunny!

For let’s be honest and quite frank
There’s so much more at stake
Than teeth or bunny’s precious pride
For all the children’s sake
And more so Easter spirit
For when all is set aside
It’s really not about the eggs
But the new life that’s implied.

So sweetest Easter Bunny
Hop along now won’t you dear
Cos you can’t ransom Easter
Not at this time of year
And Tooth Fairy, please do be nice
And try not to be mean
Cos with a brush after each egg
All teeth will stay quite clean!

Easter eggs // Ostereier

Easter eggs // Ostereier (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An Easter Message

When you wake up in the morning
And you feel a fresh new day
When you breathe in and remember
There is another way
When you think and dare to alter
The way you used to be
When you grapple with your mind’s thoughts
To use plasticity
When you push through and consider
That old means are no more
Then that’s the resurrection that
Ignites your inner core

For a pathway that’s well-trodden
That needs to deviate
And choices that one makes in life
To shift and relocate
Can be changed to make a difference
To push and surge on through
Moving boulders that reside within
And alter what you do
For rising to each challenge breaks
The mould in life and chain
For inside you, my friend, is where
You can be born again

Easter eggs // Ostereier

Easter eggs // Ostereier (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Good Friday

I spied the Easter bunny
With a cheeky glint in eye
Foraging in the undergrowth
For Easter eggs to spy
And dressed in Easter bonnet
His Mrs stood nearby
To carry all the chocolate
To their warren near the sky

For on the far horizon
Their babies waited in
With fingers crossed and tails all bobbed
Saliva on their chin
From the thought of many Easter eggs
With sassy toothy grin
Their favourite time of year by far
As Easter could begin

And on a nest not far away
A golden hen did roost
With thoughts of other sorts of Eggs
So precious she deduced
For her eggs were all made of gold
By feelings she induced
With special ores of golden drops
That she alone produced

But nearby on that hillside
A knocking sound was heard
Of hammer onto silver nails
A sound that was absurd
A sound that froze the blood of those
Who saw the gallows bird
A man whose flawless life now hung
By virtue of his word

The word that brought new life to those
Who listened; understood
A word of faith and hope and love
Now nailed upon crossed wood
Where all the sins from all the world
Were in one act, withstood
By sacrificing innocence
And all that stands for good!

Good Friday

The Passion And The Cherry Blossom

A lamb on mule beneath the tree
With buds now in full bloom
The cherry blossom beautiful
That shelters the bridegroom

With flowers a fleeting reminder
Sweet pink fragility
Ephemeral nature of a life
To set the world so free

The passion of the cherry bloom
And all that goes before
The present moment that exists
With palms spread on the floor

And riotous vision set ahead
Prodigious majesty
As blossoms fall before their time
His sacrifice to see

Cherry Blossom Festival

Cherry Blossom Festival (Photo credit: ucumari photography (Valerie))