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Life’s Rollercoasters


Monday’s Gloom

Monday’s here; they’re all the same
Grey and damp like gloomy rain
Falling on Sunday’s parade
As memories of the weekend fade

Bigoted Boy

Bigoted boy
With your views all awry
No compassion nor care
So much hatred – I cry

So much venom in young blood
So much failure to see
The bigger picture in life
Lacking integrity

For your judgements disclose
Discrimination and more
Prejudice, contempt, meanness
A heart that is poor

That lacks real understanding
A spirit that’s broke
That’s cruel and unworthy
That throttles and chokes

That hurts the world and her people
For bigoted boy
Your tactics just stink
Don’t build up but destroy

For they damn any hope
Any truth; any love
And miss the altitudes view
When we look from above!

So take just a moment
To think if you will
To step back and consider
With less dogma still

And know that perfection
Just doesn’t exist
As your bigotry’s proved
Now ain’t that the twist!


Magnetic, resonating
Addictive, infectious gusto
Penetrating every bone
Seeping into every nook and cranny
Fervently eager
Passionately zealous
Abundant and energetic
Inspired, creative
Galvanizing the heart,
The mind
The spirit
With enthusiastic enthusiasm