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Life (A Haiku)

The sum of the past
Reality of today
And dreams still to come


Life (Photo credit: Harry Thomas Photography)


The Empathetic Tango

Come dance a tango throughout life
Conjoined by unseen string
The glue that like a magnet leads
Emotively to cling.

Affecting each partaker in
A consequential way
To alter function’s structure in
The rhythm and the sway

An empathetic tango danced
Together naturally
‘Tween nature and environment
So influentially

The Empathetic Tango

Photo credit: Jenny Mealing (2 Oct 2005)


Within your branches, in your leaves
Unlocking with your key
The saviour of environment
The means to feed, to energize
To reverse all that’s bad
The degradation of the world
The world we have once had

A canopy that filters out
Effects of climate change
Preserving soil from eroding
In storms that rearrange
The homeostasis of the earth
A planet in distress
To save the world from many threats
To help; imprint; impress

For trees, just grown and planted to
Protect, preserve, prepare
The way forward to hope past this
With trees and long term care
To give the planet lungs again
Produce clean air so true
To turn back from the plagues of man
With trees – the world renew

Today is Earth Day 2014.  To find out more visit


Earth (Photo credit: stef thomas)

Environmental Strife

Call it rubbish – call it garbage
Call it anything you will
But what it sadly constitutes
Is far too much landfill

Destruction of our planet
Corroding to the core
But still we keep on dumping
Just more and more and more

The earth so overwhelmed
With the rot and with the grime
The pollution that gets dug into
It’s crust time after time

With chemicals and toxins
Seeping out to violate
Natures’ homeostasis
Corrupted – what a fate

And still the rubbish builds up
In environmental strife
As tears of acid rain cascade
Is this the end of life?