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Make A Stand

Stick your head above the parapet
And you will surely find
That there’ll be fireworks coming fast
To shoot you down in kind
For make a stand; a mark; defy;
Hold fast to your belief
You’ll get accused of rivalry
And blamed with no relief

For those who stand up to the rest
Who hold to morals true
Who speak out for the rights of all
Are hated by the few
Who hold the power to persecute
To twist, command, contort
In case their wings of rule are clipped
Their ego’s then cut short

For life comes with a social rule
A pecking order real
Where those a top will subjugate
Whilst those below will feel
They simply are the rank and file
No voices and controls
And dare to set a challenge, they’ll
Be hauled over the coals


Stick your head above the parapet
And you will surely find
That there’ll be fireworks aiming to
Shoot and control your mind
Resist attack, be resolute
Don’t cave but steadfastly
But calmly stand your ground so firm
Against inequity

English: Fireworks on the Fourth of July

English: Fireworks on the Fourth of July (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



I dreamt we went to greener lands
The other side of fence
A land of mysteries so great
A land so called pretence
Where water was so very clear
Where hunger didn’t call
Where hurt and pain had left this earth
Where no-one took a fall
Where love was the only language
And care the paradigm
I dreamt we went to greener lands
Where all was so sublime

The place that is a paradise
The land that could exist
Where living in fine harmony
Burns sunshine through the mist
The place of purer unity
Where all diversity
Is celebrated; assets shared
A place we’d like to be
Where blame just doesn’t happen and
Respect is given worth
I dreamt we went to greener lands
A heaven here on earth

Where Is The True Equality?

Where is the true equality
That comes this day and age
When it appears some women are
Still treated like a page
As servant in attendance and
Enslaved just by their sex
Excluded by their gender that
In short’s a double hex
To curse them; hold them hostage to
Deny them freedom to
Stand up, be strong, uphold their rights
It really doesn’t do
For bar the call for equalness
And move from suffragette
Woman should stand equivalent
Alongside men and get
An equal part in what is said
Throughout society
To have, to hold, to be involved
Not side-lined!  Let them be
Allowed to breathe, to prosper, to
Contribute more beside
Consider them in equal rank
In unity reside

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Be You: Be True: Be Brave

Walk away from those defiling you
Retreat from those who call
You names or throw you sticks and stones
For they are bullies all
And know through faith and family
And friends who you can trust
That beauty isn’t skin deep nor
What’s on the surface crust
But look a little deeper and
Be real to who you are
To live the life intended so
You rise and do not scar
For worth is there for you to hold
For you to have, to save
And love is unconditional
Be you – be true – be brave!

Be You Be True Be Brave

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A subscription to such freedom
Away from bigotries
To tolerance and patience for
All nationalities

Toleration that is a fair
Objective attitude
Allowing different races all
An equal magnitude

The practice of recognizing
Beliefs that others hold
With lenience, forbearance and
Acceptance ever bold

Dispelling with such bias
That comes with prejudice
Broad-mindedness and fairness
Less judgement and malice

Tolerance to accommodate
The you, the them, the me
Committing to a higher plane
A world that is more free

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When you speak, be quick to listen
Close eyes to fully see
What’s being said around you first
What’s spoken audibly

And consider what the other
In discourse does relay
And what is their perceptual view
Received from what you say

For dialogue is a patchwork
A quilt of many threads
That can build up quite a story
Or leave one feeling dead

It’s a two way conversation
Embracing mutually
The art of dialogue and chat
That’s oral aurally

Power Abuse

When abuse comes a calling
It wears a pure disguise
That vexes and confuses
To exploit with harsh surprise

It dresses up in power
With relationships askew
And undermines, manipulates
To bully me and you

It shouts out from the hill-tops
It whittles down; erodes
It comes in many guises
And travels many roads

But specifically it’s hidden
In a way not to suggest
That its using power to whittle down
And damage lives at rest

For power abuse is crippling
It shouts and rants and raves
To eliminate autonomy
Destroy free will in waves

To talk of expectations
That break down and don’t build up
That sits upon a pedestal
To partake in venom’s cup

And all it leaves is deprivation
In its wake of abused power
That leaves the victim helpless
And desperate in need’s hour

So let’s arise and expose those
Who use power to get their way
That eliminate all others
Let’s step up, say NO today!

This continues our series on abuse – domestic abuse in the poem Pebble, power abuse affecting children in the poem The Gift of Free Will and racial abuse and discrimination in the poem The Chocolate Box.  So many are affected by power abuse where there is an imbalance in the power in a relationship either through a social heirarchy, in the work place, in schools, in communities, in our personal relationships or anywhere where one has some sort of hold over another.  To those affected, our hearts go out to you – to those perpetrating these acts, step up to the mark and realize that power comes with responsibility to care for and look after those “under” you and as we move towards a new year, new start and new beginnings re-establish harmony, peace and equality so that no-one feels bullied by another.

We should point out that none of these poems are about a specific individual  (click here for full disclaimer)

The Chocolate Box

A chocolate box of many sorts
So full of sweet surprise
With varied contents deep within
Confectionary’s prize
A strawberry cream of pure delight
So soft, delectable
And hazelnut that nestles up
Aside a caramel

Yet no-one asks how can it be
These chocolates co-exist
And sit in box with no ado
No spite from egotist
They do not seek to fathom out
How nut sits next to cream
And know that it would harm them all
To sit by fire or steam

So why in life do many chose
To not see it how it is
The chocolate box of humanness
Without getting in a tiz
Instead they purely focus
On the need for all to be
Compliant; all the very same
With no diversity!

And if a person dares to stand
Out from the nearby crowd
They’ll remonstrate and bully him
And shout at him out loud
They’ll want to know what right he has
To not be on their team
And put him right in the hot seat to
‘Explain’ nut next to cream.

Chocolate Box


We should point out that none of these poems are about a specific individual  (click here for full disclaimer)