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Hope Springs Eternal


Cinder’s Cankles

Cinderella’s got a problem
A big problem at that
Cos after all the dancing
Her ankles have grown fat

And when Charming comes calling
Her slipper will not fit
No matter how she tries to raise
Her feet up when she sits

So she’s vexing and she’s worried
Cos her fairy’s not about
To vanish all the puffiness
And answer Cinder’s shouts

And thus she’s dammed by cankles
To spend the rest of days
A slave to nature’s problems
Of oedema’s horrid ways


Lincoln’s Imp and The Leprechaun

Great Scott!  I see a leprechaun
A walking down the street
With high jinks on his little mind
And taunting all he meets
But it is said he’s heading
Up to old Lincoln’s crown
To rendezvous with a stone imp
Cast spell to get him down
From the cathedral eves
After all these long long years
But mark my word they’ll bring trouble
And this will end in tears!

But there is one solution
Found in an arc of light
To stop these mischief makers
With shenanigans in sight
For with rainbow shining brightly
The leprechaun will go
Just as the fairies bid him to
So very long ago
To guard his hidden booty
Or so the tale is told
As leprechaun less Lincoln’s imp
Must guard his pots of gold!

A Penguin Is Dancing

In the light of the moon
Neath the branch of a tree
A penguin is dancing
Whilst having his tea
And reading the paper
Whilst stoking the fire
Next to Panda on bamboo
And Tiger in mire

In the distance a cuckoo
Sings loud from the nest
Of another; an eagle
Now driving out West
Towards song of a dolphin
Out in ocean’s bay
Midst pirates and mermaids
Under rainbows they say

And frogs and princesses
And all the King’s men
The goblins and unicorns
And little red hen
Run free and unchecked
For in this puerile soup
Fantastical nonsense fuels
Imagination’s hoop

The hoop to have fun with
The hoop that goes round
The hoop that elicits
The world underground
In the depths of our dreamlands
Our hopes and insights
Imaginings from childhood
Where wonder beams bright

Approximate representation of a fantasy world ...

Approximate representation of a fantasy world at watercolor painting. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Just the way to be
Where everything is anything

  To fly on magic carpet
  To drop through pavement stone
  To climb the highest mountain
  To never be alone
  To dream of jewels in caverns
  To sit on emperor’s throne
  To have that magic porridge pot
  To dream in fairy zone

The icing on the cake
Creating fairytales from dreams
For lives that will be great!

English: Screenshot of Dick Van Dyke from the ...

English: Screenshot of Dick Van Dyke from the trailer for the film Mary Poppins (Photo credit: Wikipedia)