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Family Christmas

Hoping one and all have had a Happy Christmas and sending best wishes for the New Year:

I asked for Scotch this Christmas
A wee dram just for me
To sip at leisure Christmas Day
In festive company
Whilst kids around the fireplace
Played with their brand new toys
The Mrs scorched the turkey
And got a bit annoyed

Aunt Ethel turned up smiling
At all who past her by
And Uncle Fred, her other half
With twinkle in his eye
Told tales of how it had been
Back in the good old days
With booming voice announcing that “Those kids are spoilt today”

So teens became disgruntled
With heads down in their phones
Not speaking much bar the odd grunt
That said ‘Leave us alone’
And Grandma started nagging
At Grandad, bless his soul
Who simply wanted a quiet life
Not fetch the bloomin’ coal

But round the Christmas table
As crackers burst and popped
Most were so merry and too full
To see our sister drop
The clanger of the season
That caused brother to go
Upsetting him with poor timed joke
That battered his ego

Less then when after dinner
Past Queen on the TV
Monopoly came out again
For rounds of rivalry
And so the Christmas spirit
Became a festive fight
That doubtless all will soon forget
And say was a delight

Cos families and Christmas
Are like water and wine
In essence both just opposites
But somehow still align
For jolly is the season
And that’s what it shall be
But now perhaps you’ll see why I
Asked for some good whiskey!


The Love Of Family

You’ll never earn a child’s respect
Through blackmailed bribery
You’ll never buy their devotion
Demanding that they see
You or indeed spend their time
In worshipping the ground
On which you walk; They can’t be bought
Nor will they e’er be found
Until you start to step up to
The mark; be honest too
And stop dangling a carrot for
Them to then follow you
Nor give them gifts or scare them from
Those whom you maybe hate
For children have autonomy
Their own pathways create
And only by your selfless heart
Will they then turn to you
And see your unconditional love
Be inspired by what you do
For they did not chose to be yours
They don’t elect to be
Tied up in your emotions nor
Your deep set jealousy
But they will love you to the end
They’ll love you; ask for nil
And you – well honour them for who
They are; Be constant still
And be the best that you can be
Embrace the truth and see
That you can’t buy and cannot sell
The love of family!

There are those in society nowadays that believe that children can be bought with rewards, bribes, demands – call it what you will.  There are those who subscribe to the doctrine of blame and blackmail to get their children to do their will.  There are those who coerce and believe that they can use all this to control children even starving them and taking away their basic provisions in order to stamp their authority like a brand on their own children.  The truth is children are their own person and have the right to autonomy and as they grow older they learn that others too have similar rights.  If we as adults don’t allow them to develop this and have their own voice, and respect them, then how are we ever to expect them to do likewise.  This isn’t about pampering to a child’s will but stepping up to the mark with responsibility and love.  This poem is dedicated to all those children who are forced to live the life of another and not their own, and our prayer goes out to them.  It is written from my heart to theirs.

The Fab4

There are four special people
Who grace my life each day
With joy and love and harmony
In all they do and say

From morning when sun rises
To night when moon’s about
They bless my life and bring a smile
Even when lights go out

And for their contribution to
The world I know for sure
They’ve earned the name that they’re known by
They are my fab fab4!


Sofa Surfing

It’s time to surf the sofa
To park and not to move
To chill out and relax a bit
Get in the weekend groove
And then when Monday comes around
We’ll galvanise with glee
To make plans for the next weekend
And time with family



Bank Holiday Weekend

Bank holiday weekend!
What are you going to do?
Perhaps a spot of gardening
Of have a barbecue
Or maybe you will trundle to
The beach right by the sea
Or play a round of golf or more
Go out for lunch or tea

Perchance you’ll browse around the shops
Frequent a house on show
Or even work out in the gym
Then to the theatre go
Or mayhap you’ll sit in traffic jams
Or cycle far beyond
Walk the dog or visit friends
Go fishing at the pond

The endless possibilities
To keep us in the zone
Of “doing” relaxation til
It’s time to leave our home
On Tuesday morning next week when
Alarm clocks ring their bell
And then we’ll want to stay in bed
And think “Oh what the hell!”

Bank Holiday Weekend

Embraced By Weekend’s Kiss

I wish you all a fun weekend
Of fun and family
Of laughter and good cheer and more
Of happiness and glee

I wish you all some r n r
To chill and take a break
Some time to spend with those you love
Some time that is first rate

I wish you all pure joy and peace
A weekend of sheer bliss
Recuperate; restock; renew
Embraced by weekend’s kiss

all flickr friends, a relaxing, healthy weekend

all flickr friends, a relaxing, healthy weekend (Photo credit: dicau58)


Ah the weekend’s round the corner
I feel it on the wind
I can sense it soon arriving
As the week will then rescind
Its clutches on our time and life
All pressured and harassed
To welcome in the weekend for
A break that’s unsurpassed

A time to spend with family
To down some wine or beer
To rest, relax and contemplate
With good times and much cheer
To unwind and put feet up
To socialise; party
To partake in our choice of things
Our loves and our hobby

A time to mow the garden lawn
Or wash the car and dog
To frequent gym and tennis courts
And maybe try leap frog
To shop and cook and maybe clean
Prepare for the next week
Whilst keeping kids all occupied
Without a tear or squeak

To decorate that back bedroom
To plant the borders up
To polish all the silverware
To fix that broken cup
And then when we’ve quite finished we’ll
Drop on Monday stressed
And need another break to then
Recover from our rest!


Weekend (Photo credit: Cláudia*~Assad)

The Birthday Party

Can you hear that distant bubble
Of laugher ringing out
The chatter in the background
The fun that’s all about

Can you see the happy faces
The smiles so full of glee
The group that is a gathering
As collected family

Can you feel the joy and wholeness
The love that fills the air
The celebration’s all around
The feeling of great care

Can you smell the wine a-flowing
Scents of the birthday time
Can you sense the pure rejoicing
A party in its prime

An arch of colourful party balloons.

An arch of colourful party balloons. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)