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The Magic Tree

At top of hill near cliff and ridge
There is a magic tree
With portal in its ancient trunk
A cave of mystery
Where those who seek shall always find
Less sceptics may vanish
Enchanted by its lure; appeal
To share with all their wish

For deep within a Fairy Queen
Who’s said to wear the crown
Has court in session granting forth
All folk from out of town
Their dreams and hopes and deep desires
Their aspirations too
But will you go to the charmed tree
Ask that your wish come true

Or will you scoff and not believe
Rebuff this fairytale
Close off your mind to its magic
Not see what can prevail
When eyes open and hearts extend
To worlds that are for sure
Enchanted by this charmed dear tree
To offer so much more


Beneath Wood’s Darker Veil

They crept by stealth through undergrowth
Dark forest on their heel
Where fear consumed with eerie fright
To chill their nerves of steel

Where spirits lurked and imps took flight
Where none returned who went
Into the wood of evilness
The throne of all torment

And from its depths blood curdling scream
Hung ice still in the air
Despite the heat of midday sun
That shone away from there

The shriek that turned their hearts to stone
That froze the blood in veins
A warning to each one – beware
N’er venture there again

For it is said that in that wood
A werewolf lurks and prowls
To capture, maul, consume each one
Ahead the screech of owls

And none who’ve dared to chance their luck
Have lived to tell the tale
As shape shifter remains at large
Beneath wood’s darker veil

English: A dark forest Moss covered boulders i...

English: A dark forest Moss covered boulders in the gloom of a plantation in Gleann Mhuire. The floor of the glen is covered in boulders. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A River Tale

The river is a bustling place
A busy water course
A harbinger of tales of old
Of man and fettered horse
Who lived on banks in ancient barge
With paintwork gleaming bright
And livery from olden days
Canal and other sights

A tale that tells a story that
He took his barge downstream
Towards the ports so bustling
With boats that sailed on steam
Where markets burst with worldly goods
From places near and far
Where work was given to the few
In dockland and in bar

And so the river man arrived
With fettered horse on lead
To haul the cargo from the ships
With help from trusty steed
To make a small yet good living
From work that he procured
With horse to help him lift and lug
As gold they then secured

And so he worked from dawn to dusk
Without a break it’s told
On docks during the summer days
To clear each cargo hold
Until at last he had amassed
Sufficient to go back
To home right on his river bank
With gold in his knapsack

A day and night and maybe more
He went right back upstream
With horse on towpath steadily
As man and beast in team
Back to the bank he longed to see
The place he loved the best
To settle down with feet aloof
To take a well-earned rest

But sadly that was not to be
For in the midnight air
Three robbers hung in a tunnel
Like wolves inside their lair
And in the light of misted moon
They jumped the man and horse
To steal his hard earned wages
And attack him on his course

They beat him hard and shot his horse
And left him as for dead
And took his barge, his bag of gold
His all; his daily bread
And in the darkness of the night
These villains fled from sight
To leave the river man to die
On bank; no future bright

And so the tale goes onto say
That there in tunnel’s mouth
Down on the river, by the bank
A little to the south
The ghost of river man now dwells
With horse stood on the tow
A sharp reminder to the rest
Beware just where you go!

English: Blisworth Tunnel, North Entrance from...

English: Blisworth Tunnel, North Entrance from inside tunnel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)