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You Are What You Eat

If we are what we eat
Then I’d like to be
Fresh strawberries and cream
And a cup of Chai tea

And you, well I’m guessing,
A toad in the hole
With hot sausages
Hid in batter – so droll!

And Great Auntie Susie
I’m sure you’ll concur;
Something quite spicy
Yes, that would be her

Less old Mrs Smith would
Like apples so green
No joke! Granny Smith
Crisp with a sweetness unseen

And that leaves dear Toby
The last of the brood
Who cares not a jot
Just as long as it’s food!

You are what you eat

πr2 (Pie Are Squared)

They say that πr2
But everybody knows
That pie is round and full of stuff
That really only goes
Right in your mouth
With yumminess
Be fruit or savoury
And usually has no corners
Nor squares for πrt!

Apologies for the flagrant bad grammar to make, what hopefully comes over as a humorous, point!  

073/365 - Pi Day Pies, 2012

073/365 – Pi Day Pies, 2012 (Photo credit: djwtwo)


Friday night and six o’clock
Afore one sits to dine
Collect a glass and top it up
Of chilled refreshing wine

A Pinot or a Chardonnay
Or Chablis if you dare
Just take a glass of vino to
Chillax; let down your hair!

Or maybe Merlot or indeed
Cabernet Sauvignon
Will tempt you then to check your glass
You simply can’t go wrong!

For with a sip of grape that’s been
Fermented on the way
The weekend starts with earnest to
Signal it’s time to play

Cold French wine Chablis made from Chardonnay

Cold French wine Chablis made from Chardonnay (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Chocolate Cake

Have your cake and eat it up
No problem we all say
For chocolate cake is just the best
On each and every day
With cream oozing from centre and
Choccie dripping from the top
With sprinkles, buttons, flakes in droves
As well as chocolate drops
And rich rich velvet nominess
Confection of delight
Will not last long on plate or fork
Unless right out of sight


Wine O’Clock

A wine shortage – are you quite mad?
What has the world come to?
For it is said in a short time
There’ll be quite a to do
As then for sure a glass of white
For instance Chardonnay
Will not be such a common thing
As it is now today

And then what will become of that
Infamous hour we call
Wine O’clock when all folk stop
To pop a cork and all
To then partake in a small drop
Or glass or two of wine
For as we know some Beaujolais
Can make all things seem fine!

Glass of Beaujolais wine.

Glass of Beaujolais wine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Grantham Gingerbread

Run, run, as fast as you can
Hop to it, sprint, to catch the van
That sends out treats from days gone by
With secret that will not deny
Such yumminess caught in a box
For still not caught by any fox
These little men are baked with glee
A scrumptious biscuit with your tea
So stated and revealed it’s said
They are the Grantham gingerbread!

A muse on the delicious gingerbread biscuit from Grantham, Lincolnshire, UK.  You have to try these!  So why not visit Grantham Gingerbread and get your box today! YUM! 🙂

grantham gingerbread

Time for Tea

Whether you’re a quaffer, a guzzler or sipper
There’s one thing for certain ‘bout tea
That wherever your are or whoever you’re with
It’s a drink that makes one feel so free

Yes free from the rat race and crazed life
And free from the mayhem so mad
When a brew hits your nose, you will curl up your toes
With a smile on your lips to be glad

And your pinkie will rise all in one go
With a tinge of the ‘how-do-you-do’
For this china affair of the tea cup just there
Will refresh in an instant – it’s true!

Time for Tea