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Every Day Is Made More Special

Every day is made more special
By the company we keep
The folk along whose path we walk
And those with whom we dare to talk
The friendships that we reap

For lives we touch, ingratiate
Those to whom we tender care
Will offer hope; extend our heart
Risk all for kindness on our part
With breaths of pure fresh air


Auld Lang Syne

And so last night Auld Lang Syne sung
Around the world again
To gather all as one once more
Before the New Year’s reign

It spoke of times so long ago
Rekindling years gone by
With handshake and a wee draft of
A drink of goodwill’s sigh

It joins, unites and congregates
The masses of the throng
To sing in tune and harmony
“Old long ago” now gone

And with its tune it links anew
Great friends and family
For Auld Lang Syne our hearts implore
Good times for you and me

Auld Lang Syne

A Mother’s Prayer

I wonder what you’ll make or do
And wonder where you’ll go
As from the skirt hems you alight
And sail pure water’s flow

To pastures where you’ll venture new
To find your heart’s desire
To master lands you know not where
In conquest to aspire

But what you’ll do and where’ll you’ll go
Remains a mystery
Yet let your path be strewn with flowers
With friendship gracefully

And let your carriage carry you
To places oh so bright
Where stars shine lustrously all day
With radiance so light

Where hope’s wish stays entirely lit
With joy and peacefulness
So through your life, I pray you’ll know
Great love and be so blessed


Christmas Spirit

Not long now until Christmas comes
And with it all the fun
The warm mince pies and pure magic
And Carols to be sung
The wrapping up of gifts galore
The cooking of the cake
The glasses of mulled wine to drink
And decs to hang or make
The shouting out at pantomimes
The cards to write and send
The fun times with our families
Or with other great good friends

But spare a thought for others who
Won’t feel so Christmassy
For whom Christmas joy is absent
Devoid of company
Those lost or simply all alone
Who need a little call
A visit or a drop in for
Good tidings to befall
To maybe share a Christmas smile
To spend a little time
So that all their Christmases come
At once and so sublime!

So let’s recall Christmas Spirit
With wishes for this day
That raise a glass and make a toast
With happiness to say
We wish you all a festive time
A time of joyfulness
A time where each and every one
Will feel so very blessed
A time where all humanity
Will join with festal cheer
To wish each a Happy Christmas
A jolly good new year



Similarity Is The New Sexy

Similarity is the new sexy
But how then does that so compare
With the adage that opposites attract
If we’re looking for a new mate out there

Though is it really in essence a shock
Even news or such big surprise
To find that we’re in fact much more attracted
To those who mirror us in our own eyes

For stop for a moment and just think how
Similarities do pan out
With less differences there on the table
There’s so much less to then argue about

For it is seems transparent and certain
That sameness between you and me
Is in fact rather sexy; seductive
And the thing we call similarity

Written in light of a lecture given by Viren Swami (The Psychology of Attraction)


In truth I never shook his hand
But knew he was just there
The little chap that ran around
And sat by Grandpa’s chair

He called him Charlie to his face
And said he was his friend
Invisible to me by sight
For he was just pretend

But even when we ventured out
He came so Grandpa said
Consistently right by his side
Running where he was led

He came out to the coffee shop
He went to the big store
He never missed the park outing
Or pint of beer for sure

And oh so very mischievous
He was a cheeky lad
Charlie, the boy so full of fun
Just happy, never sad!

And then when Grandpa passed away
We lost old Charlie too
As he slipped back from where he came
Imagination’s hue!

But there the story doesn’t end
For one thing lives for sure
Those memories of Grandpa G
And Charlie evermore!

Dedicated to my Grandpa and his wild and wonderful imagination personified in the life of Charlie 

Lifelong Friend

For just how long she had forgot
He’d sat upon the chair
Her old teddy in the corner
The worn out little bear
With the ear that had come adrift
And missing button nose
So bare in parts from all her love
He’d seen her highs and lows

But what a friend he’d been to her
Her confidant, her mate
He’d been her comfort blanket and
Sat with her while she ate
They’d cuddled up to go to sleep
He’d travelled many miles
And in those very early days
He’d watched her cry and smile

He’d held her hand and been her nurse
He’d sometimes been to school
He’d even joined in country walks
And taught her all the rules
And then as years had trundled on
And she’d grown up so tall
He’d been retired from his duties
To sit once and for all

And since that day he’d simply sat
On that chair just where he fell
But as a friend he’d still watched out
To see that all was well
And she; as age had crept up
And taken her by stealth
Just knew she had her friend close by
In good and in bad health

And as her years came to their close
That partnership survived
The old bear in the corner chair
Where friendship always thrived
And though no words were ever said
He knew he’d served an end
As lifelong mate and confidant
Past teddy bear to friend

Lifelong Friend

“Panda” DoB 1939