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A Dirty Ditty!

Mud in your hair
Mud in your toes
Mud in your fingernails
Mud up your nose
Mud over feet
Mud all of a slosh
Muddy mud mud
Now time for a wash!



Gardening (Haiku)

Gard’ning breaks the back
Wrecks hands and nails but always
Makes hard work worthwhile

The Killer Slug

If you dare go into your garden today
You just might see and find
The hugest slug from Spain I’m told
With hunger on his mind
To munch his way through beans and sprouts
And cabbage leaves and more
Lest leave the cats food within sight
And he’ll eat that for sure!
And dead mammals; he’ll gobble them
Without a second look
The killer slug so grandiose
That needs to sling his hook!


Based on this news story 

Arion lusitanicus 1

Arion lusitanicus 1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Bank Holiday Weekend

Bank holiday weekend!
What are you going to do?
Perhaps a spot of gardening
Of have a barbecue
Or maybe you will trundle to
The beach right by the sea
Or play a round of golf or more
Go out for lunch or tea

Perchance you’ll browse around the shops
Frequent a house on show
Or even work out in the gym
Then to the theatre go
Or mayhap you’ll sit in traffic jams
Or cycle far beyond
Walk the dog or visit friends
Go fishing at the pond

The endless possibilities
To keep us in the zone
Of “doing” relaxation til
It’s time to leave our home
On Tuesday morning next week when
Alarm clocks ring their bell
And then we’ll want to stay in bed
And think “Oh what the hell!”

Bank Holiday Weekend


Weeds can be rather pretty but
To gardeners they’re the pits
Depending on position and
If in their garden sits

For to see them in a meadow
Can be a glorious sight
But put them in your flower beds and
The picture’s not so bright

And so these weeds are rendered
Dichotomous at best
In nature, pretty native flowers
Yet in gardens, nature’s pest!

English: Some weeds in my lawn Deutsch: Unbeka...

English: Some weeds in my lawn Deutsch: Unbekanntes Unkraut in meinem Rasen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)