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Newton’s Waltz

I took a lift to the top floor
And there a ballroom spread
A beautiful, outstanding room
With windows laced in lead

And in the air ethereal sounds
Of Waltz from days gone by
The violins in harmony
Playing under starlit sky

And there upon the dance floor
In gowns from ancient day
The ladies with their gentlemen
Dancing the night away

Then in the midst I spotted him
The son of Grantham town
From statue had alighted
With gravity come down

Dispersing all the colours
In a spectrum of delight
With grace and understanding
To glide with step so light

And by the name of Isaac
He waltzed til crow did call
The ghost of Newton dancing
In the ballroom of Guildhall

Time and Motion

Time and Motion (Photo credit: Dave Pearson)

Grantham Gingerbread

Run, run, as fast as you can
Hop to it, sprint, to catch the van
That sends out treats from days gone by
With secret that will not deny
Such yumminess caught in a box
For still not caught by any fox
These little men are baked with glee
A scrumptious biscuit with your tea
So stated and revealed it’s said
They are the Grantham gingerbread!

A muse on the delicious gingerbread biscuit from Grantham, Lincolnshire, UK.  You have to try these!  So why not visit Grantham Gingerbread and get your box today! YUM! 🙂

grantham gingerbread