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Winter Sun (Haiku)

Bright sun in winter
Infusing the soul with hope
Energy and life

Christmas in Cambridge (Haiku)

Christmas in Cambridge
Where Santa will swap his sleigh
For a bicycle


Optical Theatres (Haiku)

An upside down world
Strikes light on rods and cones in
Optical theatres


If There Was A God (Haiku)

If there was a god
This would be him in glory
Shining light on earth


Kitten (Haiku)

Cute bundle of fluff
Ignites the maternal soul
With protective might  

What is Happiness (Haikus)

Happiness is not
Found in material wealth
But gold deep within

Neither is it sought
From beyond the window pane
But in the mirror

It’s not loud and brash
But abides in the still voice
Of each beating heart

Happiness is then
Contentment with self above
All other pleasure

Howzat! (Haiku)

Dogs in the water
All stop the tail wagging by
Fielding at gully


Cat’s Whiskers

Cat snoozes on bed
Enjoying purrfect life as
He’s the cat’s whiskers


Cake (Haiku)

Cake! The solution
To all life’s little problems
Baking happiness


Waiting Patiently (Haiku)

Waiting patiently
Otherwise paraphrased as
Wholly bored to death