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The Orchards

You know when you get away and the creative juices flow? Well this weekend has been one of fresh air, beautiful scenery, opportunities to draw and an occasion to write about! Feeling very blessed.

The Hotel

I saw a sign at Sainsbury’s
Pointing to a new hotel
Abreast some stilts stuck in the ground
For somewhere safe to dwell

Where a million little windowpanes
In honey combed array
Said ‘welcome to our hotel
Please enjoy your stay.’

I thought I’ll do my shopping
Then book in there to rest
For a night of being spoilt
Would render me less stressed

So, with champagne in hand and chocolates
I headed to book in
Complete with my favourite book in tow
And can of rhubarb gin

But when I saw the front of house
I had a change of mind
For he was garbed in bright yellow
With black stripes around him lined!

And with a sting in tail, he said
“Buzz off! Get Lost! Farewell!
For you cannot stay here human!
This is a bee hotel”

Bank Holiday

And true to form, Bank Holiday
Has come round once again
With torrents of the wet stuff that
We call torrential rain

For right on time, almost on cue
The downpour has arrived
As heavens open up and drop
Their payload from the skies

But that’s the way it always is
A soggy damp affair
So make the most and dance it in
Less complain ‘It’s not fair’

The Purrfect Retreat

They told me I was going to
A hotel just for cats
A vacation is what they said
A place I could relax
A haven for all felines
A retreat to paws awhile
To put my feet up; have a break
And go away in style!

But pffft! What do they know at all?
These humans – what big twits
They put me in this massive cage
And thought that with titbits
They’d buy me – my allegiance
Get me to drool and say
‘This place is really wonderful
What a great holiday!’

They thought I’d be contented with
The food they’d post through hatch
But I was really not impressed
For odouring my patch
Were several other felines
“Some friends for you” they said
“Get real!” I thought and turned my back
And headed into bed

And there I stayed and slept until
My human did return
At last I thought with cunning wit
Now is your time to learn
Just what it’s like! What I’ve been through
In this your cat hotel!
For to my mind it had just been
A prison right from hell!

And so when we returned back home
I put my tail in air
And walked away from them at once
As though they were not there
And did not give in to their bribes
To let them cuddle me
But gave them warning with a spit
And headed up the tree

I sat there for a while and thought
You think you’re really smart
But I’m a cat; a god some say
Good lord where is your heart?
For you can’t lock me up like that
And think that all is fine!
For I have standards and have views
And won’t stand in your line!

For if I had the power I’m owed
I’d send my humans to
That purrfect retreat like they did
And see what they would do!
I put them in a kennel
And lock them right away
And see if they would think the same!
For it’s no holiday!

A reflection on what might have been going on in my cat’s head the last few days but not reflection on the lovely cattery he stayed in!

The Purrfect Retreat

Welcome Home

He’s coming home, Hip Hip Hooray
He’ll be here pretty soon
From foreign lands so far away
Arriving after noon

And though we think it will be fab
To have him back in fold
There’s one thing that we know for sure
He’s gonna feel quite cold

For from the tropics where he’s been
To here in England’s climes
The temperature is somewhat less
Though hot not so sublime

And smelly – yes he will be that
So pegs are ready too
As well as throne to sit upon
An indoor modern loo!

For three weeks trekking out of town
Through mud and mountains wild
Will possibly have made him stink
Save make him man from child

But less all that we cannot wait
To see him – oh what joy
With celebrations to the fore
To welcome home our boy!

Coming Home

Summer Holidays

School’s out!  At last the holidays
But what is there to do?
So many hours to entertain
Amusement to imbue

To keep the children occupied
To save the words we fear
“I’m bored – there’s nothing good to do”
Those words heard year on year.

So fix a picnic, step on out
Into the countryside
Or park, the beach or open space
For more to do besides

Or kick a ball, or flop, relax
Just chill, or play, have fun
Perhaps go camping underneath
The stars – enjoy the sun!

Or maybe do some art and crafts
Museums – they’re often free
Or swimming, biking, taking in
A film that’s on TV

Or play a game – a board one! Yes?
To generate a smile
To keep the “I’m bored blues away”
At bay for a short while

School’s out.  At last the holidays
But what is there to do?
So many hours to entertain
Amusement to imbue

English: The beach at Old Hunstanton The beach...

English: The beach at Old Hunstanton The beach is empty even though it is mid-afternoon in July – but the school holidays haven’t started yet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bank Holiday Weekend

Bank holiday weekend!
What are you going to do?
Perhaps a spot of gardening
Of have a barbecue
Or maybe you will trundle to
The beach right by the sea
Or play a round of golf or more
Go out for lunch or tea

Perchance you’ll browse around the shops
Frequent a house on show
Or even work out in the gym
Then to the theatre go
Or mayhap you’ll sit in traffic jams
Or cycle far beyond
Walk the dog or visit friends
Go fishing at the pond

The endless possibilities
To keep us in the zone
Of “doing” relaxation til
It’s time to leave our home
On Tuesday morning next week when
Alarm clocks ring their bell
And then we’ll want to stay in bed
And think “Oh what the hell!”

Bank Holiday Weekend