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Break in the Clouds

We had a glorious day yesterday. It was warm and sunny and such a welcome break to this long cold winter


A Prayer

An Easter Message

Hope Springs Eternal

The Box

A box; to you and me a cardboard box
But to him a box of dreams
A vessel where he could be all
And everything it seems
A box with sails to float away
A den or hideaway
Or on its end a drum to beat
Or a car in which to play
Or furthermore when painted up
A house or fortress thing
Or a box to make a theatre with
Hosting puppets on strings
A box to build a Tardis with
To fly to far off galaxies
Or make a magic chair out of
So many possibilities
For to you and me a cardboard box
But to him, a small small boy
With imagination on his side
It is his greatest toy

And yet as boy grows old and moves
Into the adult years
The box is just a cardboard box
A vessel that appears
To fulfil its job to fetch and sort
But no-more full of hope
Or adventures, games and challenges
On what is a slippery slope
Into the realms of lost vision
A place called reality
That stifles imagination
Shackles creativity
The box a simple cube of sorts
Where usefulness construes
A practical solution that
Constrains altitude views
And so the box, the simple box
Loses capacity
To open up the world to glance
At all there is to see

The Hand Of Hope

If hope came up and tapped you on
The shoulder would you see
The hand that you’d been offered to
Grab opportunity
Would you be so positioned to
Welcome her in to stay
And have your heart and have your mind
Open enough that day

Or would you be like a closed book
Unable to receive
Unable to make the most of
Her coming and perceive
The chances she was offering
The glimmer shining through
If hope held out her sanguine hand
And offered it to you

For in a corner of this globe
Some sadly miss her call
Not listen out nor recognise
Her presence when she falls
Right in their lap; stares in their face
Presents into their mind
And this is such a travesty
For to hope, they stay blind

So always be hope vigilant
And see the truth; behold
The work of her however slim
For like nuggets of gold
She’s constantly omnipresent
Each day and every night
Her hand held out to offer you
A share of her bright light