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Writers Block

A limerick which amused me at least!

There once was a lass who could write
Limericks into the night
But she got writers block
Her mind seemed to lock
And ….. 😂


I’m really not sure about beards
Not a fan of the facial attire
That grows like a bush on the face
And then feels, I believe, much like wire
Now I get that some like it that way
And to be honest, the stubble’s not bad
But beards? I prefer a clean shave
Though, in fairness, it’s down to the lads
What happens on their chops and their chins
And not for the lasses to choose
But when food bits get stuck in those whiskers
Or the remnants of last nights old booze
Then surely it’s time for a Barber
To whisk out his razor and then
Remove all that dastardly beard
Til it grows back with vengeance again!

English: A white man with a beard. Photo by KF

English: A white man with a beard. Photo by KF (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sunday Morning (Haiku)

Sunday morning lie in

Dog yelps, kids scream, chaos ensues
Maybe next week then