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Fight for Life

The moment hope is ripped from the soul
When there is only the past and present
And the future dissipates
When fear grips your stomach
And your heart pounds like the battle drums
Signalling the war cry for life
As the fight to preserve it begins


There are days when you feel rather poorly
When in essence you feel a tad green
When your head feels like it’s left your body
And your legs are nowhere to be seen

When your stomach is all centre picture
And your nose has run right out of town
Less your get up and go has just vanished
And your spirits are feeling so down

So on those days head straight for the duvet
Shut the curtains and turn off the phone
Watch a film with a cup of hot chocolate
And indulge in a good whinge and moan

Then in time slowly feel a bit better
Stretch widely and get out of bed
To welcome the world once again with
A brighter and much clearer head!


Google Neuropathy

Bewary of the internet
As diagnostic tool
For it will kill you over cure
And can be rather cruel
Insinuating that you’ve got
A real fatality
When in essence you might just have
‘Google neuropathy’



My bones all ache; my head is hot
My mind is in a fog
With snotty nose and poorly throat
But still must walk the dog
For keep on going; will not stop
Relentless some might say
As juggling balls up in the air
Is what we do all day
And bed will just so have to wait
What am I gonna do?
For life don’t cease when I am ill
It’s what they call Mumflu!


English: British World War II motivational pos...

English: British World War II motivational poster, SVG scalable vector version (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With Love From The Common Cold

If I am common, who is not?
Said Common Cold one day
For seriously! How can you think
I am a “chav” per se

I mean whoever thought I’d wear
Designer labels too
Perhaps a tag more eloquent
Say – one that says I’m flu

For in all truth I might appear
In many different folk
But common? Come on! Have a heart
I am a decent bloke!

I work real hard to make you sick
I spread throughout your head
I itch your eyes, block up your nose
And flush your cheeks all red

And then I don’t stop there at all
I stuff your ears with goo
And if you’re really lucky then
I’ll hit your stomach too

I persevere with diligence
With might and with great power
So please don’t put me in a box
For I work hour on hour

And so I think it’s fair to say
That I am most detached
From common for my ways are good
My virus I attach

To spend my days a weaving here
And working at great heights
To be all gunky in your head
My future’s looking bright!

     With love from your common cold x

Common cold

Common cold (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mental Health (Haiku)

Then all locked away
Folk institutionalized
Lost forever more

Now the bars are gone
Yet still lives are held hostage
By social stigma

We call that progress!
Yet what is the difference?
Time for real change now!

Armand Gautier [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Armand Gautier [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


You think you are my nemesis
You think you will undo
My mind, my heart, my will, my life
But believe me that ain’t true
Cos I choose who I listen to
I choose how I will be
And beat the bastards, every time
Not fall but choose for free
To focus with a pure intent
Just so invincible
You think you are my nemesis
But just on principle


Anyone dealing with a disability and life’s daily routines might resonate with this! In my case it’s not being beat by exams with poor health! Onwards and upwards – as they say! 🙂



In an emergency
The middle of the night
Your house name isn’t visible
Your number not in sight
So label up your property
For 999 to see
With numbers that will shine right out
All bright reflectively


Written for J K Sonics who are encouraging everyone to sign their property with hi viz, reflective numbers and letters so the emergency services can find you at night time quickly and efficiently. Such a great idea and could SAVE YOUR LIFE!. To find out more click here

THINK!!!! JKSonics



The pollen’s a rising
Noses starting to run
Throats scratching; eyes itching
Oh summer’s not fun
When hayfever’s happening
Such great misery
Give me warmth, give me sunshine
Not grass allergy!

English: View through rape field towards Westb...

English: View through rape field towards Westbury cement works Two potential causes of respiratory problems in one image: the pollen from oil seed rape causes extreme hayfever in some, whilst in the past there have also been concerns over the potential effect of the cement works ST8852 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)