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The Hotel

I saw a sign at Sainsbury’s
Pointing to a new hotel
Abreast some stilts stuck in the ground
For somewhere safe to dwell

Where a million little windowpanes
In honey combed array
Said ‘welcome to our hotel
Please enjoy your stay.’

I thought I’ll do my shopping
Then book in there to rest
For a night of being spoilt
Would render me less stressed

So, with champagne in hand and chocolates
I headed to book in
Complete with my favourite book in tow
And can of rhubarb gin

But when I saw the front of house
I had a change of mind
For he was garbed in bright yellow
With black stripes around him lined!

And with a sting in tail, he said
“Buzz off! Get Lost! Farewell!
For you cannot stay here human!
This is a bee hotel”


Daddy Long Legs

Behold the Daddy long legs
Dancing with delight
In moon beams under starlit skies
Around the street lamplights

Or skating through the windows
Propped open in the heat
To skip around and tantalise
All who he deigns to meet

To toy with all your senses
As hairs stand up erect
At the idea he’ll land on you
And climb right down your of neck

Or tickle arm and eyebrow
Get caught up on your toes
Or when you sleep maybe he’ll creep
Right in your ears and nose!