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Make Every Day Count

Make every day count
Let there be no regret
Endeavour a purpose
And never forget
That the clock ticks through life
It never will stop
Til your last breath is taken
And your legacy drops
Into the sea of the past
To be judged good or bad
Whether a life made a difference
Or was wasted – so sad
But let there be more
That each moment bring joy
Inspiration and wonder
like a child with new toy
To question; to challenge
To relax; to imbue
Every day; every minute;
Every second hold true


Mo Jo (Motivation)

Mo Jo’s packed his bags and gone
He’s walked out in a huff
Said “Do you know I’m so fed up
And have had quite enough
I’ve battled through the thick and thin
I’ve stuck it out this long
But seriously, how do you think
We now can get along?
If you are not prepared to work
Won’t pull your weight at all
So now I’m going; I’ll not be back
Don’t even try and call
Cos after everything I’ve done
You’ve really worn me out!”
And with a sigh, he turned his back
He didn’t hang about

And that was the last that I saw
Of Mo Jo as he left
For he never came back again
And left me quite bereft
For only when he’d gone did I
Realise the good that he
Did day on day and night on night
Whilst motivating me
The little niggle deep within
The comforter, the friend,
The gentle kick up ass to prompt
And always comprehend
Persuasion, drive and fortitude
Working with focused might
The smallest thing to galvanise
Impel, egg on, excite.

But strangely over time I’ve learnt
That though I miss him so
I can ignite a drive in me
To replicate the flow
Of motivation through these veins
And light a fire to roar
Fervently with perseverance
That won’t go out for sure
Cos though Mo Jo was my buddy
My wing man way back then
There’s something more creative
And re-li-able when
Self dependence and inner drive
Triggers the ‘go go get’
Attitude that I need in me
To reach the goals I’ve set!

Pickled Positivity

Keep a bottle always handy
So your glass remains half full
Or better still topped to the brink
Ensuring that the pull
Is a creed of opportunity
The can do, will do way
That sees a path through everything
For bright positive days

Dedicated to a good friend and my number one fan and fellow OU buddy.  Have a great day šŸ™‚

The Heart of Change (Haiku)

Be sure not to fear
Extraordinary for there
Is the heart of change

A New Year – A New You

Embrace kindness

Deepen understanding

Strengthen compassion

Radiate hopefulness

Partner grace

Impart gratitude

Seek peace

Hold onto love


Hope, Love and Happiness

Grab all opportunity
Let glasses overflow
Whilst living your life to the full
And never dare let go
Of hope and love and happiness
The trio that will pave
Pathways of joy and contentment
Through thick and thin engrave
Etchings into your heart so deep
With rainbows shades aspire
To live; to learn and laugh a lot
To flourish and inspire



Ahead blue skies
Carrying away the weight of the world
In a breeze of summer comfort
Enlightening the heart
Uplifting the mind
Basking in the sun’s warm rays
Where worry dissipates
And contentment returns


Be A Beacon

Hold high your beacon
Let it shine so bright
To bring love and joy
And to lighten the night
As a droplet of sunshine
As ray from rainbow
With colour and comfort
Wherever you go

A BlessingĀ 

Let peace transcend
Let love be true
Your heart be blessed
And grace imbue
Pure joy in life
Let hope endure
From your first breath
Forever more


The View

Looking down over the valley
Across the plain
Into the blue
Where the swallow flies
The cuckoo calls
And clouds drift in cotton bud mist
Above the meandering brook
Cutting through the patchwork quilt
That spreads from the cliff
To the lowlands and beyond

The View