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No Internet

Two weeks with no signal
Oh what a to do
No internet, broadband
A cyberless zoo
Of humans all zoned out
With their routine all broke
In a world that’s unwired
It’s isn’t a joke

No online existence
No texts and no calls
No emails; no Facebook
Or Twitter at all
Bar when the wind blows in
The odd ray of 3G
Or a ride into town for

Then in a rush of excitement
The traffic piles in
The beeps and the buzzes
Competing to win
And it’s business as normal
At least for a while
Though there’s much to be said
For enduring this trial

Yes there’s much to be said
For a few days away
From the networks of instant
Interruptions all day
And there’s much to be said
For having the time
To be switched off, unburdened
From this technical grime

There’s much to be said
For a few hours of quiet
Time rediscovering things
On a cyber free diet
That’s digested and enjoyed
With a good book or three
Finding out more about you
And a lot more about me!

So two weeks without signal
Might not be so bad
Though it will be better for sure
And we will be glad
When the tide comes back in
And those light waves bounce back
On the highways of fibre
On their optical track!


God At Gmail Dot Com

There’s a rumour God’s got gmail
Yahoo and Hotmail too
Is omnipotent on google
Can skype and takes the view
That wifi’s the way forward
The way to thus enrol
His subjects; us down here on Earth
To save our wretched souls
By sending prayers up to him
By e-mail or by text
Perhaps he’ll snapchap the odd pic
You never know what’s next
And so to keep connected
He’s setting up hotspots
On top His holy houses here
To help us lowly lot!

Have just seen on twitter an initiative by some rural churches to set up wifi masts on Church spires.  Having lived in a no-range area – I think this is great idea.

Internet Troll

She follows incessantly
But never concedes
To be impressed or suggest that she
Likes what she sees
Yet daily she visits
And comes back for more
So if that’s not a stalker
Then I don’t know for sure
What else you would call her
Except maybe a pratt
For wasting her days
In some mind wasted vat
Of sheepish behaviour
That just has to check
What another is doing
Cos her own life’s a shipwreck
And so to abate it
And calm her own storm
She hides in the shadows
And lurks, as is her norm,
To pacify, comfort,
Convince and control
In the ways of the lost
As an internet troll

The Troll

Machiavellian tactics
The troll that soars the net
Narcissistic overt tendencies
All fired with no regret
To never cease; surrender
In warrior cyberwars
The sociopath with wanton hate
Prowling o’er you and yours

But yet despite their nastiness
They actually reveal
A being of such discontent
With huge Achilles heel
Consumed by past and trauma
In ways oh so unhealthy
Disrupting others peaceful lives
Destroying all they see

Achtung Troll!

Achtung Troll! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The World Wide Web

There’s the observers, the partakers
The stalkers and much more
All operating on the line
Of cyberspace for sure

The contributors, the posters
The ones who sit and read
All wrapped in social networking
A new sort that we breed

The bloggers and the web masters
The programmers; the rest
All living in the modern world
That shares a common nest

The nest or is that really web
World wide community
The question then remains to know
Which sort are you and me?

English: www,domain,internet,web,net

English: www,domain,internet,web,net (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Search Engines

Yahoo, Google, Chrome and Bing
They all just do the same old thing
To search, to find, to list to know
Not forgetting old DuckDuck Go
Search Engines praying on our mind
To lift the blinkers; quench mankind’s
Endless quest to find out much more
In ether banks of data raw
To store, to file, retrieve and make
Our lives enriched; but what’s at stake?