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Try and find me a word
That has the ending the same
As dreamt as in dream
For I believe that its fame
Is the fact that another
Doesn’t end in MT
And so is unique in
English vocabulary


The mirror past invisibility
To see what otherwise might not be seen
The way to the destination
To visit places otherwise out of reach
The connection through space
To meet those otherwise never to be met
The key to the past
The portal to the future
The acquisition of knowledge; of language
And the hand of communication
Edifying mankind by text

Deutsch: Verkehrsmuseum Nürnberg, Fachbücher i...

Deutsch: Verkehrsmuseum Nürnberg, Fachbücher in der Bibliothek (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Jabber, gibber, twaddle, gabble
The name of gibberish
An infectious English parlez
Of language in a dish
Serving verbal utter nonsense
With bunkum blabber free
For gobbledygook and drivel
And fun linguistically
For whether esoteric or
Pretentious and quite vague
Our gibberish so garbled goes
Right down a twaddle plague

Gibberish T-shirt

Gibberish T-shirt (Photo credit: Wm Jas)

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The “ie” Sound

What is it with the “ie” sound that
We add  to end of words
For you might think it’s rather cute
But I think “how absurd!”
For by adding such an ending
We start to sound like mice
Particularly when spoken out
Not once but twice or thrice!
So my lovelies in your onsies
Please take a selfie do
But don’t forget these words exist
Without that “ie” sound too 🙂


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