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A Mother’s Love

One thing I have always been committed to is giving my children unconditional love. Loving them with all my heart absolutely without question through the good and bad times. I believe they each know that and I pray that they are uplifted by that because when that love is missing in a child’s life, or when love comes with conditions or is withheld or replaced with ostracism, or it’s benefaction is a consequence of a child fulfilling a parents request rather than being the bedrock of the relationship unconditionally, the fallout leaves an unfortunate legacy for a lifetime. For love is not a neatly packaged commodity that only comes out when everything goes well. True love weathers the storms and perseveres through thick and thin. It doesn’t barter. It doesn’t trick. It seeks truth and holds fast in sunshine and in rain.



Exploring Love through the words of Shakespeare and the Bible. Love is life’s elixir – an energy that transcends space and time emanating from within.


The Snow Bride

Let Love Win Over Hate

Let love win over hate
Kindness over harm
Compassion beat cruelty
With ubiquitous charm

Let forgiveness rule supreme
Let malice melt away
And revenge not be the path that’s walked
With bad karma in play

For those who troll on others pain
Must really not be blessed
Falling so short of anything right
And lacking of all goodness

Waiting For Your Love

Hear me, my love
Rustling through the trees
Whispering in the wind
Calling across the ocean
And rolling in the deep
Up hill down dale
As a dove coos and eagle soars
Hailing thee yonder
Yearning to be heard
In this wilderness of a beating heart

For though you may be gone
You are always there
Alive in my mind’s eye
Like an arrow of desire
Piercing my soul; my spirit
For I loved you from the first
And will love you to the end
Sweet rock of passion
Lodged in my heart
Forever and a day

And let us not look back on what has gone
Yet more so to that which will be
Enjoying this moment; this time
Posited here in the now
As the waters lap upon the shore
The tides wash in renewed
And the moon waxes a new morrow
For here I am waiting
Waiting for you
Waiting for your love


Give Me Love Over Riches

Give me love over riches
Give me compassion too
Give me kindness and empathy
For the happier view

Give me laughter and sunshine
The smile from a child
Give me honesty, openness
Make me meek, make me mild

And the day will be mine
Cross the months and the years
Where with courage and grace
Blessings cross all frontiers.


Love Will Conquer Everything

Gold may line your pockets
But our hearts are lined with love
And that, my friend, is better
Than anything you have
For despite your wealth and affluence
There’s one thing, that’s for sure
That love will conquer everything
And without it you are poor!



Love’s Honest Kiss

The bonkers baboon
Who lived on the moon
In the light of the bubbling sun
Ate up all his cheese
Before grabbing his keys
To fly in his spaceship for fun

He landed on earth
The place of his birth
And headed right out to the beach
Where he swam in the sea
That reached up to his knee
With a catfish, a dolphin and leach

Yet he yearned for some love
Begged to heaven above
For an ape of the young female kind
To turn up quite nearby
Catch a glimpse in his eye
And read the desire on his mind

So he looked and sought
But his search came to naught
For strangely, he thought, there were none
So he strode into town
Wearing cloak and a crown
Intent that his will would be done

He stopped at a bar
Not that close; not that far
And enquired of the landlord. He said
“Oh Landlord, my dear man
Could you come up with a plan
For I’m going to paint this town red!”

Well the Landlord just froze
And looked down at his toes
For it wasn’t the usual request
And he muttered “Good lord”
How can a Baboon afford
To be really so dapperly dressed!

But to his face he agreed
For he could see that his need
Was intent and to be honest, quite great
So they departed that night
To the Baboon’s delight
In search of an likewise ape date

They frequented the pubs
And went into some clubs
For a dance and a pint of good beer
Where the Baboon it did seem
Was living his dream
Searching a maid who would just make his year

And well I bet you now think
That in a couple of winks
This tale will wrap up and just not
Find a happy ending
That ends up befriending
The Baboon with his soul mate so hot!

But that’s where you’re wrong
For to beat of a song
A young lady appeared on the floor
And in the light of the moon
She kissed the Baboon
With a passion and heart felt amore

And to her utter surprise
He revealed his disguise
Just like frog in those old fairy tales
As his apelike visage
Fell away and discharged
The spell showing him as handsome male

Well the whole room just stopped
And the music all dropped
As the lights came up brightly and blue
For love’s honest kiss
Is not one to miss
And will bring out the best – it is true!


This image shows a head close-up of a Hamadrya...

This image shows a head close-up of a Hamadryas Baboon (Papio hamadryas). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

amor vincit omnia

Ruby rose with intoxicating scent
Released from the folds of delicate petals
In an allure of beauty
To win hearts
By the power of love
amor vincit omnia


Dedicated to a very special couple


Love hearts in the sand
Washed away by the cruel tide
That splits the soul
Crushing hope and destiny
As Valentine’s tears
Spill into the sea
Ocean’s apart
And yet as love is lost
Love will yearn today
As it seeks out the morrow
In devoted memory of yesterday’s amour