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Mother (A Haiku)



Mother Nature
Omnipotent across all realms
And likewise
A Mother’s heart
Touching her offspring
Like dew drops resting on the blades of grass
To the oceans mighty waves
Like the buds of Spring
To the fullness of summer’s blooms
Like the smallest humming bird
To the magnificent soaring Eagle
Across an open plain
To the highest mountain peak
Everywhere, enduring
Boundless, beautiful
Infinite, blessed
And full of grace



Madonna’s heart
Open so wide
Tenderness, love and care
Her beauty blessing
Every day
Reflecting heaven there

English: Daffodils at Hareby Daffodils head-to...

English: Daffodils at Hareby Daffodils head-to-head. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)






Beautiful Mother

A beautiful lady and beautiful heart
With kindness in bounty and peace to impart
So selfless and caring with much to bestow
A wonderful matriarch, friend never foe
To adore and look up to with lessons in grace
Munificence goodness ; humility’s face
Accepting and tranquil, with calmness and love
A beautiful Mother on the wings of a dove

Beautiful Mother