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Pot Holes

Pot Holes!  Bain of the driver’s world
The caverns of the road
The persecutor of all tyres
To wreck and throw the load

With frequent punctures and bent wheels
The blight that drives us mad
So time m’thinks to fix the roads
For they are really bad!

They’re pitted and so gnawed away
Lost tarmac now reveals
Road surfaces cross country wide
Transport’s achilles heels!

English: Pot-holes on Nelstrop Road North This...

English: Pot-holes on Nelstrop Road North This road surfacing has been in an unfinished state for at least sixty years. Probably a result of poor liaison between a builder and the local Authority, and in the meantime an embarrassing nightmare for the local householders. In the distance is the serpentine road junction at Tallyrand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Celebrity? Famous?

Celebrity? Famous?
Nah give me normality
The space to really be myself
Where no-one peeks to see
The everyday – the mundane things
That I do in my life
Like shopping for a pint of milk
Without the stress and strife
Of dressing up – make up done
For scrutinizing eyes
That then capture your every move
To photo; analyse!

Celebrity? Famous?
Nah give me normality
For life just isn’t all about
The fast lane; bright lights to see
But more so bout the this and that
The people that I meet
Without the stress of others glare
That then make their critique
The quest to live and to enjoy
But at a pace that’s right
So keep me in the shadows and
For me I’ll then shine bright!




Have you been there?  Have you seen it?
Have you felt the air on face?
Have you truly known?  Experienced?
Have you been to such a place?

Where grass is blue and sky is green
The trees grow upside down
Cats and dogs audibly converse
The place; another town

Where anything is possible
Where boundaries don’t exist
Where people come and others go
Surrounded in a mist

Or maybe it’s a vapour
So truly ethereal
A definition inside you
The call of what you feel

And yet this place is only known
To you and you alone
For though so many might be there
It just cannot be cloned

For there you steal away at night
In soporific state
To drift off on sedation’s tides
As dreamland lies in wait.



So many changing passwords and
So many different codes
So many usernames and prompts
So many – there are loads!

To access unique data and
Protect our cyberlife
To save us from the fraudsters who
Seem keen to impart strife

But is it really worth it.
Does it save the pain and stress
As forgetting drives us crazy
Like any recall test

And fleeing from your memory bank
Are all the codes you need
The passwords that will open doors
Save haemorrhage or bleed

But without the reset button
Or the prompt to sweetly say
Your online life is all done in
With no access today!


I saw a bird this morning with
A twig held in his beak
A twig to make a nest with and
A home for him to seek

And as I watched this little bird
I thought a short while
How complicated life is now
Not easy – quite a trial

For once upon a time we all were
The bird complete with sticks
To make our homes quite simply with
No hassle and no tricks

No red-tape, or conscription
No strain to get us stressed
Just sticks all put together to
Construct our home and nest

So does this not beg the question
Just how much we have gained
From the multitude of systems
We’ve written and maintained

Does it not make us think about
The process we’ve enrolled
To build our basic shelters that
Protect us from the cold

For surely life’s more difficult
Than it needs to be
When bird’s all seem to get on fine
Without bureaucracy!

English: A bird nest in Bangladesh

English: A bird nest in Bangladesh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Bills – those dratted little things
That fall upon the mat
To leave your mood deflated and
Decidedly quite flat
All dressed in DL sizing
With windows for address
The letter that arrives with force
To stifle and depress

But once every so often
A letter might arrive
With a cheque or more spondoolies
A means to then survive
The constant dread and worry
That bills just tend to bring
Accounts, invoices, outgoings
The banker’s bite and sting!


Invoices (Photo credit: cybrgrl)


The Greatest Things

There is no greater thing than love
No more than devine hope
No sweeter life than one that’s gives
Great succour extends scope
Nor one that is compassionate
Extends a hand so kind
That walks the earth with grace and peace
Contentment of the mind

There is no greater gift than faith
In self and purity
The cherishing of all that’s good
And of integrity
So may I pray that you will find
All these as you move through
This journey that we call the walk
Of life with blessings true

Lost Love

Forever in my thoughts, my heart
And also in my dreams
Forever in my mind, my life
Held dear in my esteem

Away on distant shoreline now
A beach so far away
The memories in eternity
The past alive today

A union’s chosen legacy
From times of utter bliss
Those days now that have died and gone
A life to reminisce

The harbinger of seasons sweet
Good eras that we shared
The love that then existed and
The joy that once was there

A pledge to hold and to uplift
With truth responsibly
To cherish a lost heritage
The best of you and me

And even though our love is lost
That love that has now ceased
Accepting what has gone before
Revives, inspires, gives peace.

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Jabber, gibber, twaddle, gabble
The name of gibberish
An infectious English parlez
Of language in a dish
Serving verbal utter nonsense
With bunkum blabber free
For gobbledygook and drivel
And fun linguistically
For whether esoteric or
Pretentious and quite vague
Our gibberish so garbled goes
Right down a twaddle plague

Gibberish T-shirt

Gibberish T-shirt (Photo credit: Wm Jas)

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What’s Happened To The Letter

What’s happened to the letter
The one we write to say
A thank you for a-visiting
Or dropping in today
Or passing on acknowledgement
And gratitude as well
Or very simple pleasantries
And wishes to excel

What’s happened to that written form
We used to pen by hand
On special writing paper with
A watermark to brand
And stamp of Queen and country
Sent off to those so dear
What’s happened to the written note?
Where did it disappear?

And what about those instruments
Those quills or fountain pen
The ink from bottled reservoir
Where did that go again
And not forgetting blotting pads
Creating works of art
Compiled in note or letter that
Was sent out from the heart

Image of a modern fountain pen writing in curs...

Image of a modern fountain pen  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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