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Swan In The Mirror (Haiku)

Her silent partner
Simulates her every move
In graceful concord

Swan In The Mirror

Mary’s Rose

The paupers’ crown so radiantly
Sits there upon her head
With golden jewel midst silver spear
In testament is said
To bring much joy; Sweet ‘Mary’s rose’
Bright eye of day home grown
With royal diadem now sits
Princess on Nature’s throne

Mary's Rose

Photograph © Ginz&Tonic 2015

Beautiful Lily (Haiku)

Beautiful lily
Symbol of tranquillity
An icon of peace


Deadly Nightshade

Belladonna’s on the prowl
Dressed in mauve and in yellow
With black pearlescent beads
Draped and hanging very low

Enticing any stranger
To give a fatal kiss
To any who are so bewitched
And a little remiss

To partake of her offering
Eat from forbidden tree
As shade falls on this deadly night
Hers is the victory

Atropa belladonna or Atropa bella-donna, commo...

Atropa belladonna or Atropa bella-donna, commonly known as Belladonna, Devil’s Berries, Death Cherries or Deadly Nightshade (Solanaceae), Flower – makro (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nature’s Paintbrush

Drops from Nature’s paintbrush
Splattered on the wayside
In a bouquet of resplendent colour
Dotted in the hedgerow
Amidst the fragrances of Spring
Pouring out into the landscape
As buds burst into bloom

Natures Paintbrush

Nature’s Paintbrush All Rights Reserved © Ginz&Tonic 2015

Orange Bloom

Oh Mr Bee, come down and see
This gorgeous orange bloom
With nectar cup all opened up
To leave you plenty room
To buzz about and wiggle in
With joy and so much glee
To party in her petalled folds
With much frivolity
And sip from syrup core as though
It’s like the finest wine
So come on, Mr Bee, fly in
For this flower is divine!

Orange Bloom

A New Day Is Breaking 


A new day is breaking

In chorus awake
To sing with the lark
With nature partake
In the beauty she’s made
As her glory shines through
In sheer hallelujahs
Coming right into view
And as sun rises slowly
High into the sky
Be uplifted, exhaulted
Let Spring’s spirit fly high 

Dear All ….

Let me take you by a frosty hand
And show you sights unseen
When I am hidden, unreleased
When warmer times have been
And by my icy magic I’ll
Reveal glorious sights
By touching each with frost behold
Magnificent delights
Of icicles and spiders webs
Hung in intricate lace
Before your eyes to marvel at
Unmasked by winter’s grace

With much love
Jack x


Butterfly Camouflage

The names of several butterflies are hidden in this poem.  See if you can spot them all.  How many are there?  Can you name them? 🙂

I dream that I’m a butterfly
So free to flit on air
And sway upon the open breeze
With very little care

I preen my feathers; call them wings
Like peacock in display
A purple emperor flying forth
A top the trees in May

In trance I have a fantasy
That I’m invincible
Commander in chief of the wind
Monarch or principal

My quest to rule the nectar dales
Of amazon delight
And hide by camouflage mottled
In browns and yellows bright

Like tortoiseshell to match the earth
Or silver studded blue
To sail on waves across the sea
Red admiral in view

English: Photograph of a Monarch Butterfly.

English: Photograph of a Monarch Butterfly. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Frampton Marsh

Come see Frampton’s nature reserve
Complete with hides for birds
And flocks of sheep a-grazing by
Near cows all in their herds

Where marshes span before the eye
And wild flowers grew so true
A sanctuary near coast diverse
With safety to imbue

Where fowl from far and wide amass
In number it is said
To find solace in freshwater
On marsh or near reed bed

Where wetland frame conserves all else
Expanse that does behold
The variegated wildlife seen
In Frampton’s Marsh enfold

Written following a visit to Frampton Marsh Nature Reserve, Lincolnshire.  Click here for more info

Frampton Marsh