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Just Sit And Be …

Just sit and be

A Thousand Candles Shining Bright

Let us stand and let’s defeat them
Let their terror never win
Let their thoughts be ever vanquished
Let only love creep in

Let our minds be fully focused
On a world in harmony
Filled with joy, kindness, compassion
Where hope burns eternally

Let us represent all goodness
Let us break the code of hate
Let us unite through diversity
A new world then create

Where London Bridge is burning
With a thousand candles shining bright
Dispelling darkness from our streets always
Each and every day and night

Behold (Haiku)

Behold the foul mind
Operating with malice
To cause untold pain

Behold the loose tongue
Unleashed and free to damage
Wagging uncontrolled

Behold the true heart
That beats in rhythm and rhyme
Driven by great love

Behold the open arms
Outreached to support and care
Upholding the world

Behold steadfast feet
Walking on the path of peace
Shining light anew

Footprints Bay Footprints

Footprints Bay Footprints (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Make Your Focus

Make your focus love not hate
Your aim to hear not shout
Your will to understand not force
Your thoughts clear with no doubt

Make sure your pathway with intent
To walk a way of peace
To bring the voice of unity
And love to never cease

English: Bình Minh biển Cửa Lò

English: Bình Minh biển Cửa Lò (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Pathway Of Peace (Haiku)

Peace will only come
Along the pathway of peace
Melting hate with love

Peace One Day

Peace One Day (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cry Salty Tears

Sad sad world
Cry salty tears
To bring healing; health; peace
And let the sun shine again
Pure brilliant rays
Melting the souls of those who hate
Brightening the lives of those who mourn
Warming those left out in the cold

Sad sad world
Cry salty tears
To cleanse; purify; preserve
Without prejudice
And let love; harmony and hope
Restore the joy
Washing over each of individual, family and community
Celebrating diversity
Resonating unity