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Some apples are good
Some apples are bad
Some are sour; bring on tears
And make us so sad

But the thing with good apples
They are so tasty
Although some of the bad
Can become jam or jelly

But the sour all just rot
When they fall from the tree
Are best left to die
And not eaten by me

But the key’s in the seeds
Which might replant elsewhere
To produce better fruit
And taste a whole lot more fair!


People Watching

They walk along the pavement
Some short, some tall
Some thin, some fat
Some inbetween
Old, young, middle aged
Boys, girls, women, men
Blond, brunette, ginger, grey
Quickly, slowly,
Energised, weary
Rushing, dawdling
Stopping, starting
Chatting, in silence
Together, separately
And yet ….
Not one smiles
Why is that?

Data Driven World

Data driven world
What numbers can you crunch?
What inklings do you thus deduce?
What digits raise a hunch
To justify the need
To analyse; predict
Statistics out of everything
Demographic addicts

To set expected outcomes
To compute and assume
In mathematical context
That there is little room
To deviate and curve
From this way over that
Reducing humanness instead
To calculated stats

WSCT F 10Dec04at0100PST

WSCT F 10Dec04at0100PST (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ode To The Cheery

Now you know them; the odd person
Who brings such light and joy
The sort who always wears a smile
And happiness deploy

The kind of chap or girl who just
Is simply so much fun
Who brightens up your every day
And who all hearts have won

And who you’d like to take a leaf
Out of their book of life
For through all else they manage to
Diminish any strife

And like a tonic; pick me up
They take all pain away
The cheery sorts; those who we love
The world needs every day!

Ego’s Achilles Heel

Seeing faces in the clouds
Feeling chills down back and spine
Thinking voices are discussing you
Reading in between each line

Convinced just so subjectively
In egotistic way
That this and that and that and this
Is about you per se

Believing life revolves around you
The axle in a wheel
Yet sadly such ideas are just
Your limp Achilles heel


Some people in life bring the fog
The fog that is cold and is grey
That hangs in a mist on your heart
Destroying the light in each day
In brume of bewildering mess
Miasma of misted disarray
The mask on the sun that might shine
And stifle contentment away

But others are sunbeams of glory
That blow all the clouds from the sky
With lightness that is most refreshing
And kindness that helps others fly
Who bring out the best in each person
With wholeness that’s shines from their soul
These sunbeams of life in their fullness
Caressing the world as a whole

English: Sunflowers in Fargo, North Dakota. Es...

English: Sunflowers in Fargo, North Dakota. Español: Girasoles amarillos Français : Un champ de tournesols à Fargo, dans le Dakota du Nord (USA). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Losing Face

There’s something quite incendiary
About some folks I find
For push their button, yank their chain
And they reveal their mind

And with predictability
They bid as they are called
Reacting to the stimulus
In ways that let them fall

Fall prey to their conditioning
In ways like Pavlov’s dog
As each time they cannot resist
And end up in a bog

They always tumble in head first
With mouth a-gape; so wide
Or maybe with feet first again
To lose all face and pride

And then all full of bombast they
Exude just who they are
Least not for sure the smartest sorts
Of cookie in the jar

Cookie jar depicting clown.

Cookie jar depicting clown. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Homeless Old Man

Homeless old man
Neglected by humanity
Lost in the wilderness of his mind
Wandering the streets aimlessly
Pleading for a crust of bread
Desperate, despairing,
Exhausted, tired, hungry
Once a soldier
Now abandoned to soldier on
Craving for waves of kindness and compassion to wash over him
Yet left in a pool where there is little peace

IMG_6007.PNG English: Homeless on bench, Author Tomas Castelazo from Wikimedia Commons

Oh Dear Dear Mr Cameron

Oh dear dear Mr Cameron
You are a silly boy
For it appears you have thrown out
Of pram your best best toy
Those voters who could in their mass
Vote for you – yes it’s true!
The minions who have been hit
By the government and you

For all the welfare changes that
You deem to be reforms
My dear dear Mr Cameron
I fear they’re far from norm
You’ve penalised the poor folk and
Hit disability
And now you’re putting children in
More stark real poverty

You’ve chastised middle classes and
You’ve raped the country’s heart
Yet have you paid your duty and
Really played your part?
You’ve battered all the teachers though
I’m sure you think you’ve not
For they don’t know now where they stand
When some have lost the plot!

You’ve vexed the old age pensioners
You’ve killed the NHS
And Europe?  Well let’s not go there
For you’ll say it’s labour – yes?
Yet dear dear Mr Cameron
Although you might not see
It’s not that people do not want
To act responsibly

For most are just and upright
Partners in a social way
Are happy to pay out and help
The country day on day
To be part of this union
To play their role in life
But dear dear Mr Cameron
Stop twisting in the knife!

English: David Cameron, Prime Minister of the ...

English: David Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and leader of the Conservative Party (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Traffic Warden

A spindly man
With piggy small eyes
A wiry complexion
That says he’ll despise
Any who park
Too long over time
He’ll smell out offenders
With his nose that drips slime!

With a sharp pointed beak
And a heart made of stone
The warden of traffic
On the street, all alone
And dressed in a vest
Of green and dark blue
With peak cap and badge
He’ll be waiting for you!