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Frampton Marsh

Come see Frampton’s nature reserve
Complete with hides for birds
And flocks of sheep a-grazing by
Near cows all in their herds

Where marshes span before the eye
And wild flowers grew so true
A sanctuary near coast diverse
With safety to imbue

Where fowl from far and wide amass
In number it is said
To find solace in freshwater
On marsh or near reed bed

Where wetland frame conserves all else
Expanse that does behold
The variegated wildlife seen
In Frampton’s Marsh enfold

Written following a visit to Frampton Marsh Nature Reserve, Lincolnshire.  Click here for more info

Frampton Marsh


The George Of Stamford

Upon the stage post by the road
The Great North Road between
Old London Town and York up North
An old inn can be seen

A hostelry of some renown
Hotel of certain fame
A place where Kings have laid their head
As others have the same

Where once religious pilgrims stayed
Where knights were entertained
Where hospital and holy house
Were part as church ordained

Where time has come and time has gone
To lay a story bare
Through artefacts from history
Imbuing evening air

And now in cloistered quadrangle
Set ‘gainst this walk in time
The old inn bids each one that calls
A welcome quite sublime

The George at Stamford


Gardens of Surprises

There’s a garden set at Burghley
Just back from Stamford town
That’s full of joy and hidden gems
To lift you if you’re down

A garden stocked with wonder
Surprises and much more
With sights and sounds of pure delight
That you will so adore

From waterfalls to mirrored maze
To obelisks and rill
With statues, sculptures, Caesar busts
Exuding fun to thrill

A place to walk and wonder
With mysteries at heart
Where magic secrets are revealed
Amidst the works of art

Written following a visit to the Gardens of Surprises at Burghley House, Stamford, Lincolnshire UK.

Gardens of Suprises


London Taxis

No shortage of Black London cabs
This Wednesday afternoon
Yet too no hope of getting home
For none are coming soon
Instead they’re all at Westminster
In double rank and file
Twelve hundred strong to make a point
So maybe do not dial
To get a cab but walk a bit
Or hop on board a train
And thank your lucky stars that it’s
Not pouring down with rain!


London Town

What’s going on in London town?
The city that won’t sleep
So busy busy day and night
And traffic piled three deep

Even the pigeons congregate
In flights on Nelson’s hat
And ducks all gather in Green Park
For bread to get real fat!

In Leicester Square, the fun begins
In China Town, a feast
Save Piccadilly all lit up
With lights from west to east.

Still further field is Oxford Street
Tailed off by Marble Arch
Near Speaker’s Corner bubbling
With rallies and a march

Ahead the grass of Hyde Park spreads
To banks of Serpentine
Afore the rotund Albert Hall
And concerts rather fine

South still and to the river banks
Where water’s course; The Thames
Will kiss with Soho, Kensington
And hang off Chelsea’s hems

Then hark the peel of bells that chime
Of Big Ben and St Pauls
As eastern magnet from a far
Pulls to Barbican Halls

Amidst The City, bustling
As money markets spin
The wheel of fortune nine to five
All hoping for a win

A win in city spreading out
Right there in London town
The country’s capital alive
So why not come on down?

English: The Clock Tower of the Palace of West...

English: The Clock Tower of the Palace of Westminster, colloquially known as “Big Ben”, in Westminster, London, England. Français : Tour de l’horloge du palais de Westminster, couramment nommée “Big Ben”. Londres (Angleterre). فارسی: برج ساعت کاخ وستمینستر، پارلمان بریتانیا در شهر لندن، که به «بیگ بن» مشهور است. 日本語: 通称ビッグ・ベンとして知られる英国、ロンドンのウェストミンスター宮殿の時計塔。 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sonnet to Venice

Venice; the Queen of Adriatic Sea
Who lies amidst the halcyon lagoon
In patchwork of canal’s antiquity
As star beneath the sapphire sky and moon
Like diamond set in royal diadem
Venetian crown that shimmers very bright
With gondolas encased in crystal gem
The jewel that shines in the celestial night
Yet Bridge of Sighs yearns softly and may weep
To spill a million tears into the stream
And fill the moonlit bay and rivers deep
As sorrow whispers move Venetian dream
       Still city calls and beckons magically
       To those who are bewitched by her beauty

The Grand Canal, Venice

The Grand Canal, Venice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Once upon a land there was
A state where all could be
Exactly who they wanted to
Across humanity

A place where what appeared was not
Always just what it seemed
Save a projection; conjecture
Expression all but dreamed

A place where life’s reality
Could vanish; disappear
But still a place that was so real
Accessed throughout the year

And yet this place did not exist
Not on a map or chart
But in the world of internet
The cyber network’s heart

An icon from icon theme Crystal Clear.

An icon from icon theme Crystal Clear. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Imagination’s Tide

Come ride imagination’s
Magic Carpet for a day
Come fly above the world and drift
A million miles away

Come to the place you want to go
The place you love the best
Come delve into the pot of dreams
Where mind’s fancy takes no rest

Come sail the furthest oceans
And climb the highest hills
Come wander down green valleys
Or raft white water’s thrills

Come explore the deepest jungle
Where the leopard lies in wait
Come walk through any city with
Fresh eyes on scenes so great

Come scale through desert yonder
Seek oasis to inspire
Come visit space, the universe
Stars and planets set on fire

Come soar across the south pole
Follow penguins one by one
Come swim aboard a dolphin’s back
Bask with turtles in the sun

Come do all of this and more
Seek cross the world so wide
Come ride my magic carpet
On imagination’s tide

Imagination's Tide

Tick Tock Greenwich O’Clock

I took a stroll in Greenwich Park
With tree lined avenues
Towards the Prime Meridian
Ahead such stunning views

Behind beyond the old iron gates
Blackheath spread far away
With ancient church sat on the green
Wild flowers in verge display

And in old Greenwich’s village clutch
The Cutty Sark at rest
Where spirits danced from men who once
Sung shanties in her nest

Ahead the Royal Observatory
Home to Greenwich mean time
Where from her beat the world has set
Her rhythm and her rhyme

English: Photo of Meridian at Greenwich. By in...

English: Photo of Meridian at Greenwich. By international convention, the modern Prime Meridian passes through the Royal Observatory, Greenwich , in southeast London, United Kingdom, is known as the International Meridian or Greenwich Meridian. Category:Royal Observatory, Greenwich Category:GMTCategory:Time (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Have you been there?  Have you seen it?
Have you felt the air on face?
Have you truly known?  Experienced?
Have you been to such a place?

Where grass is blue and sky is green
The trees grow upside down
Cats and dogs audibly converse
The place; another town

Where anything is possible
Where boundaries don’t exist
Where people come and others go
Surrounded in a mist

Or maybe it’s a vapour
So truly ethereal
A definition inside you
The call of what you feel

And yet this place is only known
To you and you alone
For though so many might be there
It just cannot be cloned

For there you steal away at night
In soporific state
To drift off on sedation’s tides
As dreamland lies in wait.