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Mouldy Man

There once was a man
Who turned into mould
As the days turned to years
And he got a tad old
But the question that’s begging
Was the rot always there
Or was it simply his sell by date
Ended last year

For from a nice person
He turned rather sour
Getting greener and greener
With each passing hour
And the smell he emitted
Was for certain so bad
A fungi of decay
From this quite rotten lad

But that is what happens
When you buy into rot
Lest never forget
Let it not be forgot
That those who lose sight
Of what’s right and what’s wrong
Will turn into mould.
Before very long


A ‘Welfie’ World

I dream of a ‘welfie’ world
Where the ‘me’ is replaced with the ‘we’
Where the common currency is love
The common language is respect
Bound in individual responsibility
Uniting each one
And bringing together the world
Working as one
In an image celebrating diversity
Yet unified by worldcentric vision
Portrayed in one powerful snapshot
Otherwise known as US

Crêpe Expectations

Crêpe expectations
Today – that’s for sure
Tossing pancakes up high
Before they land on the floor!

Blue Marbled Sphere


Blue marbled sphere that spins through space
In watered hue through skies
Of foreign universal realms
Let’s not see its demise
But protect such a precious gem
Midst planets, stars and more
Look after the resources that
Are ours to thus ensure
That such a globe will continue
To revolve life on Earth
And that’s its citizens will have
The rights bequeathed at birth
Of fresh water and clean pure air
With true equality
Available for each to have
Its riches in plenty
And that this orb in galaxies
Will stand the test of time
A blue dot in the cosmos saved
By reason and by rhyme
Preserving our terrestrial sphere
To do, to be, to hold
The life source in all heavens ranks
Forever blessed – this world