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Off To Uni

Today he’s off to London
I feel a little sad
But may this Richard Whittington
Find gold and nothing bad
As on those cobbles nightly
He stumbles home to bed
With lager in his belly and
A thumping pounding head

Yet in the days let him be stretched
And filled up to brim
With nuggets of pure knowledge that
Will make him smart not dim
So that his future pathways will
Be made of all that gleams
So, go now my son and do your best
And live your wildest dreams




I swear that student kitchens
Are a witness to the fact
That humans are resilient
Or could it just be that
They are a breed so set apart
Who thrive on mould and rot
That grows deep in their fridges
And even cooking pots

And that this green bacteria
Is their friend over foe
For sure as hell, it seems that they
Can cultivate and grow
The damn stuff in its masses
In cups, on food and more
Faster than any other place
And even up the door!

And so despite the warnings
From health authorities
In student kitchens countrywide
It’s cultured rampantly
In what one can only assume
Takes scientific test
And finds significance to say
That students like mould best!

The Fresher’s Welcome

They come!
They gather!
They smile!

They smile in incongruous exaggeration
Smile to elicit a favour
Smile to break the moment

The moment of upturned corners
Gracing the world with a social smile
Disguising a stressed face

A stressed face mimicking; impersonating another
Testing for the genuine until
It melts into the Duchenne

The Duchenne smile of all smiles
Real; warm; eye crunching
Dopamine in a face

In a face that draws each to the other
Elicits the power of friendship
Summons past that icebreaking beginning

And then …..
Then they drink!

Smile Like You Mean It

Smile Like You Mean It (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sonnet To Year Sixes

I look back on my school days happily
The friends I’ve made and all those hours of fun
Like fab times that are in my memory
Shining brightly like rays from a hot sun
That sparkle like the stars up in the sky
All fresh and good like grass so verdant green
That fly so free on wings of bird up high
The best days of my life that there have been
And yet now I must say a sad farewell
And move to a new school further away
To make more friends and hear a fresh class bell
As new beginnings open up each day
       Yet still I will have learnt so much from here
       As now I step into my seventh year

English: colourful sunset. knysna, south afric...

English: colourful sunset. knysna, south africa. slightly photoshopped to enhance the colours. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Essay

Today I’ll write an essay
And make it really long
With lots of words strung in a line
That just go on and on

But first I need a coffee
And maybe just some toast
And then before I sit and start
I guess I’ll read the post

But wait the rain looks imminent
Perhaps I’ll walk the dog
Oh no!  Now it’s nearly lunchtime
Food first then start the slog!

Oh dear now I’m quite sleepy
From lunch.  I need a nap!
And then just a quick cuppa to
Refresh my thinking cap!

Now time to start that essay
Where’s my pen and pad – oh where?
A quick glance at the clock and
Woops – I forgot to wash my hair!

Now seriously, no more excuse
No deferment or delay
But oopsie daisy dearie me
The clock’s run out today!

Tomorrow I’ll write an essay!

Essay Time (Rousseau and Women): My desk at th...

Essay Time (Rousseau and Women): My desk at the library (Photo credit: tim.riley)

OU Eye Candy

There’s a certain kind of Candy
OU students all adore
The one that pats your back and says
That essay is no-more

No-more reading and re-reading
Correcting as you go
Eye candy that just celebrates
An essay’s done – hoho!

But what is it – this candy?
Is it sweet as sugar cane
A certificate or A* mark
A mark supreme to reign

No it’s a little printed message
On screens that just reads out
“Your submission has been received”
Not much to shout about

But it means your next assignment
Has gone right down the line
For now you can sit back a bit
Enjoy a glass (or two) of wine!